Thursday, 26 February 2015

Former US General: America's 'friends & allies' funded ISIS

Former Supreme Commander of NATO and United States general, Wesley Clark, announced on national television what we have known all along; the United States ‘allies’ and ‘friends’ funded the ISIS terrorists they claim to be at war with. The interview took place on American Newsagency CNN, and addressed American foreign policy in the region.

Former General Clark spoke about the horrors of the Islamic Caliphate, and stated the United State’s ‘friends and allies’ funded ISIS, with specific mention to fighting Hezbollah. Although the former general did not dare to name the ‘friends and allies’, we can assure any Marxist readers who may keeping tabs on our site that Clark is not referring to ‘Nazi Bankers’ or the ‘Illuminati-German Death Cult’. The likes of Saudi Arabia & Qatar are the most glaringly obvious, and as we have mentioned earlier in previous articles, International Jewry has much to gain from ISIS systematically waging war against Israel’s enemies.

Clark however is not alone, and late last year, Retired Lt General Tom Mclnerney was interviewed on Fox News. Mclnerney questioned the so called ‘moderate rebels’ that the US was backing, and went a step further by clearly stating that the US helped build ISIS.

The simple matter of the fact is that ISIS, unlike any other Islamist organisation, has given priority on attacking other Muslims, with only minor lip service served to Israel. Furthermore, ISIS is not only waging war against Muslims, but Shia Muslims who are part of the only viable anti-Zionist coalition in all of the Middle East. Unlike the decadent Saudi royal family who scratch the backs of the Jews, the Nationalist Syrian state and Iran cannot be bought out so easily, and are leading a genuine struggle against the internationalists, much to the frustration of the Zionists.

Clearly, the United States and its allies helped create this monster, in an attempt to serve their geopolitical interests in the Middle East. Once the monster becomes too powerful and is completely off the leash, it will become time for the United States to use the brutality of the Islamic State as an excuse to reoccupy the Middle East. 

Now that the Americans are self-sufficient in oil, it begs the question as to why they so desperately want to go back to the Middle East. It seems that Israel’s interests alone have all along been a priority, and having Syriza, Hezbollah, Iraq & Iran locked in a war with the US will help the Jews sleep just that little bit easier at night. One can only guess how many more senseless wars the United States will wage in order to appease the Zionist lobby groups.

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