Friday, 27 February 2015

Anarchists stage anti-government riot following Syriza's sell out

And such is the fate of a nation when leftist ‘humanitarians’ decide to disarm the riot police, ironically in what they consider to be in the interests of ‘public safety’. Perhaps someone should ask Syriza if the working class Greeks, children and elderly who walk about the city of Athens are also humans, or if their ‘humanitarian’ safety policies only apply to spoiled, degenerate anarchists from rich families as well as the illegal immigrants they seem to love so much.

Last night, a mob of anarchists launched an anti-government march in Athens, following Syriza’s compromise to the international loan sharks. The event came ahead of the vote by the German parliament to extend the Greek bailout, with Syriza all but complying to the usurers demands. The march began in the Propylaea area of Athens, making its way to Parliament house. At no surprise to anyone, the march soon turned violent, as the anarchist clowns began to attack their random surroundings for reasons beyond the understanding of anyone with 2 or more brain cells. Their targets included a stop sign, windshields, office equipment, and a side walk, all well-known enemies of the Greek people.

As expected, the new Marxist-improved riot police where doing a great job by not intervening, being almost invisible during most of the event to ensure no innocent anarchist would be distracted as they burned down the centre of Athens. Without causing a single injury or arrest, the ‘riot police’ intervened only when the riot began to naturally die down, and most probably to remind the rich kids to return to their luxury villas before bed time.

This recent event follows an earlier report we published at the beginning of the month, about how Syriza (in all their Marxist wisdom), made an insane decision to disarm the riot police. We predicted in the earlier article that when Tsipras sells out to the Troika (and which he did), that some anarchists  would defect from their state controlled camps and burn Athens in anti-government protests. The small size of this rouge anarchist group (a mere 450-500) would suggest we are correct in our assumption, as most of the anarchist riots under the state’s control usually number well into the thousands.

In total, dozens of anarchists where seen hurling petrol bombs and stones at the police, causing serious damage to a number of cars, 2 jewellery stores, a bus stop, a café, the office of an insurance company and a mobile phone repair shop. The citizens of Greece will be sure to thank the anarchists and sleep just that little bit easier tonight, knowing that an evil capitalist funded bus stop will not be operating tomorrow. Perhaps their elderly grandparents who rely on the bus can have time to re-think their route, and consider walking for some much needed vitamin D, which the evil state has obviously being purposely depriving them of.

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