Monday, 19 January 2015

Which of our competing sell-outs will sign the 3rd memorandum?

A warning from the system is sent to the ‘gladiators’ of the election by two international news agencies. Their connections to the system are deep, and they know all too well what they write.

Both Bloomberg and Reuters refer to the signing of the third memorandum which is due shortly after the elections.

Specifically, Bloomberg refers to the two Greek bonds that are due to expire in July/August of 2015, totalling 6.7 billion Euros. EU officials stressed that Greece is in danger of collapse by June if there is no new agreement and that its cash resourced will be exhausted by mid-year. All this scare-mongering is to help push the new ‘agreement’ that was referred to earlier, which you may know better as the memorandum.

On the other hand, Reuters notes the European Union Commission is considering Greece’s 3rd aid package, which will be administered as a month by month extension of the existing memorandum. Officials from the EU commission have also suggested extending the existing program for up to 6 months in order to have room for negotiation with the new government.

And the question that arises is this: Who will sign the new memorandum? Syriza, New Democracy, or both as part of a grand anti-Hellenic coalition?

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