Thursday, 15 January 2015

Kapa Research centre: Golden Dawn voters are hard-core but hide their voting preferences till elections

As we have seen over the last few months, more and more polling organisations with links to the establishment are trying to manipulate public opinion by releasing dishonest polling information. Certainly, we can see this by the unusually high polling results for the The River in these rigged polls, which any person in Greece can tell you that their supporters are virtually non-existent in every day life.  A very relevant article from the Kapa Research centre (which was published on To Vima) goes more into the topic:

"There is slight lead for securing third place, for the first time polls showing the River at 6.5%, which seems to favour the establishment of the Movement of Socialist Democrats of Mr. Papandreou. But the party of Mr. Theodorakis shows they have not yet acquired a solid political base, and his followers are quick to ‘turn like quicksand’, therefore it cannot be excluded at upcoming elections that there could be voting decision changes at the last minute”.

Now observe the petty excuses to justify their failure to predict the place of 3rd position:

"Regarding  the battle for third place, it seems that it will be undecided until the last day, as the Golden Dawn (5.4%), PASOK (5.2%) and the Communist Party (5%) have not yet exhausted their electoral influence. The Golden Dawn displays trends in relation to previous polls, and maintains the hard core supporters, but voters do not reveal their true preference” (until elections).

Of course, this concealment of voting intentions (for fear of "democracy") is undoubtedly correct, as Golden Dawn supporters understand they are undergoing the greatest political persecution this country has ever since the fall of the Junta. It is for this reason, that mainstream polls never get anywhere near in predicting Golden Dawn’s more recent electoral performance. Polling companies that offer a degree of anonymity have a much better track record of predicting the Nationalist vote, such as which places Golden Dawn very recently at %14.7, leaving the 4th party in the dust.

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