Saturday, 10 January 2015

Jihadists graffiti 'death to infidels' in Eastern Attica

Threats such as ‘death to infidels’ & other Islamic fundamentalist slogans now decorate the walls, fences, and buildings of Eastern Attica, in Greece. It is obvious to many Greeks that they now live amongst Jihadists, thanks to the powers that be. The East Attica branch of Golden Dawn has not ceased time to warn, disclose and report on the risks posed by the thousands of illegal third world Islamists, who have flooded the plains of the Mediterranean and East Attica.

Lessons from France

France, a once great-European nation and world power, is currently tangled in the nets of the black Islamic spider, measuring daily victims to the mania and doings of the Zionist backed jihadists. The traitorous New Republic opened its boarders and gates to its former colonies in Africa, acting neither in the interests of the French people or state.

Today, these Africans, many of whom are 2nd and 3rd generation, are greater Islamic Zealots than their very own grandparents who migrated to France! Riddled with mass unemployment, and an unwillingness to assimilate as the Marxists promised they would, these Africans are responsible for a great crime wave, and riot on a annual basis, bringing fear and destruction to the heart of urban France.

With the birth rates of African significantly higher than indigenous French, and a continued invasion from African ongoing via land and sea, the percentage of Africans in France continues to rise. It seems as the African population increases, so does their brazenness and propensity to attack French people and society.

Golden Dawns policy regarding Muslims in Attica

The huge majority of Muslims in Attica are estimated to be illegals, which means we are still relatively in the early days of this problem, and can deal with it much more efficiently than the French. Golden Dawn is the only political organisation, that for 30 years, has maintained a consistent and uncompromised national policy on the issue of illegal immigration. At section 11 of the Golden Dawn constitution, it firmly states that:

11. Priority for all Greeks in every area of public life. This calls for the return of all illegal immigrants back to their countries of origin.

It’s important to understand that this policy is not restricted to Muslims specifically, and applies to all illegal immigrants. Remember our slogan – you are born Greek, you do not become one!

The Greek men and women who will be fighting for Golden Dawn at the upcoming elections in January will continue to champion our policies of immigration on a national level. We will not let Greece fall prey to the ferocious appetite of the globalist savages. We have a duty to those who are yet to be born, and those who died for our nation to keep Greece Greek!

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