Saturday, 10 January 2015

Golden Dawn welcomes Brigadier Dimitrios Papaemmanouil

Golden Dawn will be featuring a number of honourable Greek patriots on their ballot sheet, including distinguished officers from our Armed & Security Forces. Among them is retired Brigadier Dimitrios Papaemmanouil who will be representing Golden Dawn in the upcoming elections. Below is a summary of his biography:

  •     Born in Athens on the 11th of May, 1947
  •     His father was an officer in the Greek Army, and one of the founders of the Commando Forces.
  •     He attended all the prescribed weapons school, and graduate as paratrooper.
  •     He is also a graduate of the War College of Greece and Great Britain, including the National Defence Academy of Greece.
  •     He is a graduate of the Amphibious Marines School of the United States.
  •     He graduated in 1969 from the Military Academy as a second lieutenant of Infantry.
  •     He has served in Evros, Cyprus and Aegean islands.
  •     He served in the Marines and units in the First Squadron Amphibian Battalion (MAK), where he served as Commander of the 5th ETETH.
  •     Promoted national issues within NATO, and has been recognised with an honorary mention from the Defence Forces for his contribution in this field.
  •     Involved in NATO's South Wing (AFSOUTH), in Naples, over the three year period of 93-96.

Papaemmanouil speaks fluent English and good Italian, and can handle prisoners in Turkish. He resigned with the rank of Brigadier during the crises of 1997, disgruntled by the decisions of the corrupt Defence Minister Akis Tsohatzopoulos, who was found guilty on all charges in 2013 for his involvement in financial scandals.

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