Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Golden Dawn soars in the polls: 19% and National opposition!

The Sunday edition of the Acropolis Newspaper revealed a series of ratings from a recent poll, which was much to the dislike of the trumped up polling companies which are interlaced with the mainstream media.

The Acropolis presented the secret poll from Western Embassy, where SYRIZA came out in first place, followed second by Golden Dawn. Four days after the poll, Zougla.gr fully confirmed the results with similar rating from their research in private polls. A few days later, 2 more embassies with a sample of 1,500 people showed the exact same trends.

The results for the latest Acropolis poll are as follows:

Golden Dawn 22%
ND 19%
KKE 6%
Party Papandreou 3%
PASOK 2.5%
RIVER 5.5%
ANEL 2.5%
Other 8.5%

The leaking of the new poll, which is the first to record the new party of Papandreou, has very impressive results for Golden Dawn which places the Nationalists fittingly as National opposition.

In Greece, polling embassies are much more reliable than surveys – as there is little incentive to ‘mould’ the results.
Polling surveys in Greece are often done over the phone, often to those who have disclosed their personal information, leading to privacy and security concerns for those wishing to answer truthfully. Also, surveys target specific individuals who have been carefully selected, often as a result of their comments on websites or ‘likes’ on websites such as Facebook. This all leads to extremely biased results, which never prove true in actual elections.

In conclusion

It is fairly obvious that SYRIZA will win first place in upcoming elections, however, the rapid growth and influence of Golden Dawn has caused frivolous governmental reactions, with much panic coming from the system.

When SYRIZA is elected, the Greeks will learn that Tsipras is nothing more than a puppet of the system, and all the anti-austerity and memorandum talk was nothing but lies. The people will see that Golden Dawn is the only anti-systemic party that represents their needs, and will reward Golden Dawn in the following elections.

Lastly, the rise of the new Papandreou party serves as a threat to the centre left, as the likes of PASOK, & the River will be further fragmented.

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