Sunday, 4 January 2015

From the Systems Mouth – Golden Dawn serves the rise of Nationalism all over Europe

Joschka Fischer, a prominent German politician of the systemic Green left, made previous comments that suggested he feared the rise of Syriza in upcoming Greek elections. The former German foreign minister said he would have to negotiate with Tsipras on any measures to end austerity, which as we know is nothing but an empty threat from Mr Tsipras, who has no such plans to take any unilateral action against his EU puppet masters. 

The fact is the system has nothing to fear from Syriza, as they are in bed with the international bankers and the foreign interests that run our nation from abroad.  In an interview with Viennese newspaper ‘Der Standard’, titled: “Greek fever, European Disease”, Fischer was quoted, stating “that’s the end, the winners of any potential instability in Greece will be the Nationalists in Greece, but also in Italy and France, where instability has the potential to be transmitted”. Behold, there is more:

"Greece is too small to be a genuine risk for the euro zone, even if it is difficult to predict the reactions of the financial markets in such a crisis. But the announcement of elections in Athens could be the catalyst of a political crisis that threatens to spread to Italy with some delay and in France - the third and the second largest economy in the eurozone. The winners will be the nationalists all countries ".

It seems that as Tsipras continues to wine and dine with the banking and political elite of the Atlantic, the politicians of the system have lost all concerns they had over the so called Marxist Revolutionaries. Syriza is a safety valve of the system, it exists purely to convince the Greek people that they are going to be heard, while continuing to destroy them with the same poison as administered by PASOK and New Democracy. There will be no tearing of the memorandum under Syriza, as they serve the interests of the system. As we near elections, the bureaucrats in Brussels shows their true fear, the rise of Golden Dawn.

The inevitable rise of Golden Dawn is not just a threat to the system in Greece, but a threat to the corrupt system across the Western world. Many non-Greek nationalists who support Golden Dawn have often said that we serve as an inspiration to Nationalism everywhere, that Greece is once again leading the West through the courage and will of Golden Dawn. As Golden Dawn continues to rise, so too will the Nationalists around Europe. The Zionists and Marxists are not infallible as many once thought, as Golden Dawn continues to defy all odds.

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