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Why is Athens burning? A summary of Anarchist cowardice in Greece

For those that have been following the news in Greece, you would have seen footage of the anarchists in Athens and other Greek cities who have gone about their typical destructive behaviour. This mindless destruction includes their favourite pastimes of throwing Molotov cocktails, looting, arson, and attacking the riot police. Cars, ATMs, and entire buildings have been lit up on fire, while the authorities ‘struggle’ to maintain control.

In most Western countries, these destructive riots (as of late) are more often associated with Africans, Arabs and other desert dwelling type people. The Congoid like behaviour of anarchists in Greece may include a reasonable percentage of non-Greeks (particularly Albanians) but still boasts a majority of self-hating Greeks.

Given the orderly nature of most Australians, we are yet to see or experience riots as explosive as those seen in modern Greece. Events like the Cronulla Riots which happened nearly 10 years are few and far between, and despite that particular very short lived public unrest, we didn’t experience the mindless destruction to property as seen in your typical anarchist ‘protest’ in Greece. Prior to the Cronulla Riots, most of Australia’s wildest riots took place during the Colonial period, so Australians have never really seen their cities lit up on fire by mobs of people on a level comparable to Greece.

The behaviour of these anarchists in Greece is often confusing to many in Australia, even those of Greek background who may have little to no experience with the urban lifestyle of Modern Greece. The frequency of these riots is also deeply alarming, as well as to how de-sensitised many Greeks appear to of become. It is therefore important for our readers to familiarise themselves with some basics about anarchists in Greece, in order to be better understand their purpose to the system on the political battle field.

What set off this particular riot?

Nikos Romanos, a known anarchist criminal who took part in an armed bank robbery was recently trialled and sentenced to 16 years prison. His father, instead of being ashamed for his son’s poor character and criminal behaviour, staunchly supports his son, and demanded he be released from prison to pursue university studies. The ridiculous demand was of course rejected by the courts, while a Syriza spokesman defends the young bandit and described the decision as evidence of “analgesia, authoritarianism and vindictiveness”.

With the main opposition party backing this cowardly crim, Nikos announced he would begin a ‘hunger strike’, which so far has proven only to be a phony threat in order to further provoke his fellow anarchists.  The hunger strike also coincided with the anniversary of the death of Alexandros Grigoropoulos, an anarchist who Romanos claimed as a friend.

How do they get away with this?

As a general rule, the anarchist’s ranks are known to be filled disproportionately with the spoiled rich kids of wealthy Greeks.  A text book example is our good friend Alex Kakafikas, who thinks he ‘fights fascism’ in Melbourne while his rich father sends him money, funded by some kind of sweat shop he owns in China. An even more relevant example is Nikos Romanos himself, whose father recently announced that his son was ‘passionate about life’ and enjoyed typical bourgeoisie past times, such as good food, trendy clothes, piano lessons and improving his German while skiing in the Austrian Alps.

The families of these rich kids claim a variety of sources which have helped them amass their riches. Some of them come from well to do business circles, some have made their wealth through the arts (painters, musicians, etc), while many are actually part of the elite bureaucracy, those who leached off the public service, and ironically worked for the ‘system’.

Due to their family links within the deep state, the police are basically reduced to baby sitters for these rioting numbskulls, and risk losing their jobs if any of these well to do Greeks find out their child was injured as a result of police intervention.

The arrest of Nikos Romanos is unique, only because the system values the needs of bankers slightly more than these well to do families. Samara of course is trying to balance his two special interest groups, and is currently meeting with Romano’s parents to negotiate a better deal.

Why hasn’t Golden Dawn shut them down?

Following the unconstitutional arrests of Golden Dawn in 2013, the nationalists have been stripped of the means to defend themselves by the authorities, and are currently under strong surveillance.  The state is taking ridiculous measures to pin any kind of violence to Golden Dawn, in order to fuel their political persecution. In some instances, police have even gone as far as to escort mobs of anarchists to Golden Dawn offices, while shutting down any resistance from the Nationalists. For this reason, Golden Dawn has not been able to defend Greece from these anarchist thugs.

Also, it is important to understand that even when Golden Dawn was able to challenge these anarchist cowards on the street, the anarchists would always hide behind the police. As a general rule, the anarchists are aggressive to Golden Dawn when in the presence of police, or greatly outnumber the nationalists or are heavily armed. With strong protection from the authorities, it is quite difficult for Nationalists to do what the police are unable to do in the first place.

What is the relation of these anarchists to the deep state?

Your average rank and file anarchists is generally under the impression they are fighting some kind of class war against the system. How these spoiled brats think they represent the working class is beyond most people, despite the fact that most of them are from wealthy families and never worked a day in their life.

Many of these every day anarchists are not aware that their superiors are on the payrolls of the Government or authorities, and given financial incentives to operate in the interests of their leftist causes. The anarchists are basically reduced to useful idiots, and while posing no real threat to the control of the state, they are encouraged to mobilise against the only REAL threat to the system, the Golden Dawn.

Although the rioting is a consequence to the state for allowing these degenerates to operate freely, the Samaras party are even able to use this to their advantage. These riots where used as propaganda for New Democracy to highlight the instability of the left, linking the anarchists to Syriza

There is some truth to this, as from the 1980s until the financial crisis, most anarchists where essentially pawns of the socialist PASOK party, but are now more so working in the interests of Syriza.

What exactly do the anarchists want, and how can the problem be solved?

Unfortunately, the anarchists will never push hard enough to actually achieve ‘anarchy’.  It’s important to understand that behind the mindless destruction, these anarchists are not as tough as they seem, and resemble the junky looking leftist freaks that inhabit most East Coast Australian inner city suburbs and universities.

The anarchists know that anarchy itself would lead to the end of their protection from the state and authorities (which they supposedly hate), and would become easy targets, being almost wiped out overnight. Given the fact that many enjoy a comfortable lifestyle under capitalism due to their rich parents, the anarchists will continue to agitate only as far to quench their boredom for mindless destruction, while serving the interests of the system.

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