Friday, 19 December 2014

Washington's economic war against Moscow

The dramatic fall of the Ruble this week is the result of the policies of Washington DC, who want to force Russia to cancel their plans for the Eurasian Union and to punish Moscow for its influence in Syria, Crimea and in Eastern Ukraine. The goal of the Americans is essentially to economically strangle Russia.

In the last four months, the Ruble has lost 50% of its value. The American economic sanctions imposed on Russia, along with the assistance of their Saudis allies who dropped the price of crude oil worldwide, are pressuring Russia to withdraw from Crimea, eastern Ukraine and to abandon their geopolitical goals in Eurasia and the Eastern Mediterranean.

If Russia accepted the terms of the US and their allies, the outcome would be the dissolution of Russia as we know it. That would fulfil the plan of the Americans who are still looking to win the heart of Eurasia .

The insidiously planned drop in oil prices really hit the economy of Russia and the current State budget with the inevitable result of the Ruble’s devaluation. The weakening of the Ruble is likely to be meet in the near future with the gold reserves of Russia in an attempt to stabilize the currency. The Central Bank of Moscow recently had dramatically increased its stocks of gold in preparation such an event. According to official data from the World Gold Council (April 2014), Russia has 1.0419 million tons of gold and ranks just behind China and just ahead of Switzerland at No.7 of countries with the largest gold reserves.

If Russia decides to cover the Ruble with their gold reserves, then the Ruble’s monetary value will result in the stabilization of the currency internationally. Certainly, the Russian Central Bank will make such as choice that will lead to the Ruble stabilization as the rate hike attempted as of late had little positive results.

Those who believe or hope that Russia will bend in light of economic pressures from international Zionism are at the least bit naive. The country is quite large, with significant military force, has high morale and owns resources which the West requires to prosper. For a brief period, there may be some financial crisis, but the Russians are trained to withstand the crisis, and sure to further enhance their nationalist morale and their willingness to defend their independence.

The arrogant American policy of launching an economic war against Russia will aggravate international relations and destabilize Europe, with the possibility of this economic war evolving into military conflict. Moscow is no Slave to the Americans, who are looking to loot the wealth of Russia and destroy her place on the world stage. Moscow has a strong military base which is ready to defend against the aggressive NATO and will not succumb to the mentally ill Zionists.

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