Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Two Innocent Australian lives lost to Militant Islam – How is this not a terrorist attack?

Two innocent Australians fell victim to a militant jihadist yesterday, following our earlier report on the hostages taken at the Sydney Lindt café. The victims have been identified as legal professional Katrina Dawson (38) and Lindt café manager Tori Johnson (34), who were killed along with the Jihadist gunman. The circumstances surrounding the death of the 2 Australians is yet to be released, however it is known that Tori Johnson, heroically attempted to wrestle the weapon away from the Islamist. Our condolences go out to the victims & their families, including those who survived the horrible ordeal.

Who was the Terrorist? 

The Jihadist has been identified as 50 year old Man Haron Monis, who was born in Iran and granted ‘asylum’ in Australia back in 1996. The Liberal fools who let this savage into the country probably assumed that he would be grateful for his refugee status, and become a productive member of Australian society. The truth is that Monis was a menace to society, becoming no stranger to the law, first attracting attention for writing hate-filled letters to the families of dead Australian soldiers.

The Jihadist was a self-described ‘sheik’, but in reality he was nothing more than a sexual predator who offered ‘spiritual healing lessons’ in order to lure young women into his classes, who would eventually fall victim to this pervert. Monis managed to become charged with no less than 40 counts of sexual assault while in Australia, yet the worse in this man’s history prior to the café terrorist attack is yet to come – Monis was released last December on bail after being charged as an accessory to the murder of his ex wife!

Many disgruntled Australians are now asking why was this man allowed out on bail after being charged with such horrible crimes, while we would like to know why this Jihadist was allowed into the country in the first place! The so called ‘refugees’ in Greece have proven to be responsible for a hugely disproportionate amount of violent crimes, which where almost unheard of in the country nearly 20 years ago. The same is proving to be true in Australia; from Vietnamese drug lords, to Sudanese rapists, the so called ‘refugees’ are proving to be largely incompatible with modern western society and have no place in our nations.

Ignorance of the Government and Mainstream Media

Yesterday, we predicted that the government would go into damage control, in order to protect their multicultural narrative. Instead of defending Muslims, the system went even further, and outright refused to acknowledge the obvious fact that this was the work of a militant Islamic Jihadist. Instead, the terror attack is being described as a ‘siege’ by a ‘lone gunman’ by the MSM and government officials.

After the release of one of the hostages yesterday afternoon, the authorities ordered the media not to report on the demands made by the Jihadist gunman to the released hostage. The timing was important, as photos of the Islamic flag and headband where known to the public, and the Prime Minister knowingly ignored the obvious, and referred to the event simply as a ‘disturbing incident’. Again, no mention of the obvious fact that this was a terrorist attack against Australia by an Islamic radical.

Today, the damage control was pushed to the limits, as videos taken by the jihadists who had his hostages announce his demands where taken down by the MSM. The real reason for this is that the videos showed very clearly that the terror attack was inspired by ISIS, who openly called for Muslims in Western countries to conduct terrorist attacks against their host nations. The Iranian Sheik had infact converted from the Shia branch of Islam, to a more radical Sunni ideology, and clearly orchestrated a political act of terrorism on behalf of the Islamic State. Yet our MSM and government are showing complete silence on these facts, in a feeble attempt to distract Australians from the obvious problems in this multicultural disaster.

The timing also couldn’t be any better for the unpopular government, who were due to announce their disappointing news about the federal budget. Instead of taking the honourable route and waiting for the terrible event to end before releasing the financial report, the government shamelessly announced its terrible fiscal performance, taking advantage of situation while the rest of the country was distracted by the terrorist attack. The deficit for this year has blown out at over 40 billion dollars, with no a chance of a surplus until 2019/20, though many Australians may have missed that announcement.

Other events

A local council recently voted on the proposed building of an Islamic Hall in one of the remaining majority white suburbs of Western Sydney. Despite protests and strong opposition from locals and various groups (including Nationalists), the council decided it was in the interests of the people in Penrith to be culturally enriched by the Islamic community with approval to build their ‘cultural centre’. In light of recent events, we would like to know how happy those that voted in favour of the Islamic hall still are, considering 2 Australians where just killed by a militant Jihadist.

We would also like to openly ask the Antifa groups (who protested in favour of the Islamic Hall), how they would feel if their Muslim ‘allies’ decided to attack them because of their drug using, alcoholic fuelled, homosexual lifestyle which contradicts the patriarchal, conservative values of Islam.

These same Antifa protestors are also among those guilt ridden Australians who decided to show solidarity with Muslims, through the latest trend on Twitter - #illridewithyou. It’s worth noting that many of the Australians who offered to accompany the supposedly ‘oppressed’ Muslim victims on their way to work, where offering to meet Muslims at trendy suburbs within the inner city, and Eastern Suburbs, where most Muslim don’t actually live! With about as much value as an empty gesture, we would like to extend the offer of these liberal whites to open their family homes to impoverished refugees like Man Haron Monis, as appose to dumping them in working class white neighbourhoods.

While these self-hating whites live in a fantasy world where their Muslim pets are ‘victims’ of white racism, the truth is that Muslims have some of the highest unemployment rates in NSW, (preferring instead to leach off the welfare system) and probably don’t have a job to be escorted to anyway. Given the disproportionately high & violent crime rates of Middle Easterners, it’s probably fair to say that white Australians, who are often victims to Middle Eastern criminals, could actually get more value from an escort while on the job, just ask Bob Knight.

Final notes

It’s important for our readers to understand that Golden Dawn are not opposed to Muslims practicing their religion in their own countries. We don’t encourage or expect Greeks or Australians to successfully integrate within Islamic countries, and in the same respect, we ask that Muslims do not migrate to our nations, where they are clearly unable to integrate within our culture.

Golden Dawn is prepared to maintain peaceful relations with Muslim countries that respect Greece and do not threaten our national interests. Iran, the birthplace of Monis, is an orderly nation, free of cultural Marxism and Judeo-American influence. Those that claim political ‘persecution’ in Iran are clearly not fit for an orderly society, so they have no place in Australia, Greece or any other Western nation for that matter. The uncivilised behaviour of many Iranian refugees in Australia & Greece is clearly telling of their anti-social history in the Islamic Republic of Iran, so why do we have a responsibility to take the misfits of another nation?

It is in the interests of Western nations to maintain their biological, cultural and spiritual heritage, as we have every right to exist as a people. Disasters like Monis are not a thing of the past, and despite what the Liberal Party tells you, they only have official restrictions on refugees who enter Australia via boat, but they are more than happy to accept cashed up refugees who make it to Indonesia, and fly into Australia by plane. Add that to the hundreds of thousands of ‘economic migrants’ from Asia, as well as our falling birth rates, and you can guarantee Europeans will become a minority in Australian East Coast cities within most of your life times.  

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