Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Zionists once again have their eye on Crimea

In 1942, Jewish Zionists in the USSR began to formally organise and facilitate the financial support for the creation of a ‘Jewish Soviet Republic’, an initiative under the control of Stalin. Among the parties that where financially supporting this initiative where the international Jews, who nominated the region of Crimea as the place for a new Israel. There, they could amass millions of Jews from within the USSR and Eastern Europe, in this carefully selected region. A region selected because of its mild climate, tourism potential, and strategic geographical position.

Staling however, had other plans. Instead, Stalin nominated the modern day Jewish Autonomous Oblast, otherwise known as Birobidzhan, which lies in the depths of Far East Asia. The intention was to deport all Soviet Jews to this region, as Stalin had developed mistrust for them after WW2 (which lead to the trial for the ‘conspiracy of doctors’). Stalin however did not live long enough to see out his plan, and the International Zionists succeeded in stealing Palestine for their new state of Israel.

Now, the Zionists interest in Crimea has been re-energised. Thus, a ‘Russian’ expert on Jewish history (probably a Jew himself), Dr. Simon Ntoumpnof wrote a curious article entitled "The Jews have a historical right to the Crimea." Here are the main contents:

"On the issue regarding the rights of Jews to colonize the Crimea, we should not forget that the Jews are native throughout the northern Black Sea coast.
Even before the Christian era, the era of the ancient empire of the Bosporus, the Black Sea coast, flourished with the Hellenized Jews.
Greek inscription found from the first century AD indicates the existence organized Jewish settlements in the region.
In place of these Hellenized Jews, then came the Byzantines Jews by the fifth century of the Christian era.
In the empire of the Khazars, the ruling class was converted to Judaism and were in the region between the eighth and eleventh century.
Then, between the 13th and 18th century, there were Jewish settlements, including the Karaite. Finally, clean Jewish colonies appeared here since the 19th century.
Thus, the historical right of Jews to colonize the Crimea and the Black Sea coast of Odessa to the Caucasus can not be denied. They lived on this earth for two thousand years during the centuries of the Greeks and Scythians."
Once again, we can see the Jews have now put their eye back on Crimea. And remember, it wasn’t so long ago they had that same eye on our Macedonia and Cyprus.

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