Sunday, 21 December 2014

The vote of the new President of the Republic - Elections now!

The election for the new President of the republic is very interesting. We saw in the first parliamentary ballot that none of the parties, for the exception of New Democracy and PASOK were willing to give a life extension to the failed government which dissolves daily and impoverishes the people. The government of Samaras & Venizelos, who sit at the tip of the pyramid of political garbage, are determined to remain in power through any means necessary.

We saw this when Nationalist MP Golden Dawn Ilias Kasidiaris revealed twice with irrefutable evidence that the Prime Minister was the vulgar speaking ‘godfather’ who gives orders to hit down on his political opponents. The parliament remains silent, only because Samaras prosecutes a mutual enemy which is fighting against the system, including the other corrupt parties.

We saw this when other MPs spoke directly regarding their vote in favour of the international loan sharks. They all agreed in their statement to exclude nationalists, let the issue ‘pass’, and calculate the system policies with the ‘advisers’ who lend foreign loans to political parties. The government and this system, confused and embarrassed, are made of nothing but liberal sell outs. They cover and conceal the crimes of the Prime Minister and his colleagues, who run the country’s political system like a criminal organisation.

Yet, in this climate and amid these revelations, the attempted presidential election of what is essentially nothing more than what you would expect from Kim Jong Un, is displayed to the public as a ‘democratic process’. Meanwhile the polls are forced to close the gap in their ratings, in order to be seen favourable to the Prime minister, members of his coalition and their ‘media’ friends.  Anything that falls outside of this is described as ‘dangerous’. ‘Dangerous’ is indeed the will of the Greek people, but only to the interest of the Brussels Commissars who fund the government and directly threaten to stop lending to their preferred candidate if the Greeks vote someone who they do not approve.

As noted, the election of the President of the republic is not a different process to anything else on the Samara-Venizelos general policy. The first and second contest will be unfruitful, until the ‘republic’ decides to buy votes which are a shameless symptom of the corrupt political system we live in.

In this ‘republic’, where transactions are made with gold that leaves no traces, the gangsters are the Prime Minister and the 160 members of Parliament who voted in favour of the president. In this ‘democracy’, there is only one answer: the overthrow of the criminal gang which impoverishes the people and takes orders from the international loan sharks.

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