Monday, 1 December 2014

The Palestinian nation deserves recognition, no support for the Zionist terror state

In the below video, Golden Dawn MEP Eleftherios Synadinos addresses the European Parliament, urging them to recognise the Palestinian state.

We felt this issue was particularly important, as a number of Greek-Australian patriots have emailed us enquiries regarding Golden Dawn’s policies on Palestine. As Nationalists, we will continue to fight to keep Greece Greek, however, we respect the right of other ethnic groups in their desire to secure the future of their nation and people.

The Palestinians have every right to self-determination, and we are against the shameless imperialistic aggression from the Zionist state against the Palestinians.

Syndaino’s speech was presented to the EU parliament as follows:

“Mr President,

The General Assembly, in 2012, approved the upgrading of the Palestinian Authority to observer status. The upgrade of the international status of the Palestinian Authority to "non-member State" of the UN (similar to that held by the Vatican) essentially gave Palestine a birth certificate. In the last two years, the only thing we have noticed is increased aggression of Israel- thousands of raids leading to the massacres of civilians, and the continued occupation of the Palestinian territories and their subsequent colonization.

There is no doubt that the law is on the side of the Palestinians, who are fighting, as they have every right to a homeland, which has now shrunk to 22% of their original territory. Many experts have tried to find solutions to stop the carnage, but all this has been in vain. The war, instead of ceasing, continues to thicken. Regardless, the Palestinians, deserve a state of their own. This is not merely my observation, but a demand by the 135 countries that have recognized the State of Palestine.

Many years after the fall of the wall in Berlin, the most ridiculous thing for us to debate today is if we should allow Israel to continue its current policy in Gaza. The people who always remind us of the genocide they suffered during WWII, do not hesitate to do the same to a people who only desire their very own state

"It seems that history repeats itself, not as an exact re-enactment but as a reminder of the respect that should exist between nations.”

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