Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Fall of Samaras – Parliament fails to elect a new President, snap elections called for January

As of last night, Greek PM Antonis Samaras failed in his 3rd and final bid to secure the 180 votes needed from parliament to elect the president of the republic. Receiving only 168 votes, snap elections have been called for the 25th of January.

The Golden Dawn is entitled to react accordingly, as it was Samaras himself who gave the unconstitutional orders to have the Nationalist MPs and Chief put in prison on false charges. Now that the Samaras Junta crumbles, a great political and moral victory is being celebrated by Golden Dawn.

The resilience and uncompromising attitude of the Nationalists led to the defeat of Antonis Samaras who failed to successfully orchestrate the complete destruction Golden Dawn as he originally planned. Now, it is Golden Dawn that continues to grow in the polls, and will emerge stronger than ever before in these next elections.

When the time comes for justice to return in Greece, Samaras will be held accountable for his treachery to the Greek people, and unconstitutional practices which saw him illegally target his political opponents using corrupt members of the judiciary system. This is a stab in the back towards democracy & the Greek people, and Samaras will be condemned in the upcoming elections, shamefully stripped of his role as leader of our nation.

Soon, the nemesis will come to restore the transgressions of Samaras. In March 2015, our chief Michaloliakos will be released, and will demand justification for his illegal detention. The consequences of Samara’s unconstitutional orders may have serious legal repercussions for those involved in the plotting, including the former PM himself. This is not to mention the hundreds of thousands of EURs which have been illegally held from the democratically elected MPs of Golden Dawn.

Golden Dawn is rising, and we can expect to see more victories on the home front.


  1. He looks good behind bars.

  2. I think he'll look better on the electric chair...