Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Skopje's latest propaganda meets complete silence from our spineless government

Once again, the treacherous anti-Hellenic Junta led by Samaras and Venizelos has shown further tolerance to the expansionist aspirations of Skopje. Pure silence and ignorance is shown by the occupied government of Athens, as the Slavic speaking Turko-Mongol-Gypsies continue to steal the name and history of Macedonia, with their latest scam including a new propaganda series titled the ‘Macedonian struggle for freedom’.

The series, produced by the shameless Skopjian plagiarists, deals with the struggle of a ‘united Slavic Macedonia’. This is a conquest that they have been yearning for the last 100 years, but have been unable to accomplish due to their incompetence as a worthless race with an obvious identity crisis.

It is an undisputable fact that for many years, the Skopjians (along with their Greek Communist traitor allies) have desired to conquer our Macedonia and incorporate it into their own fake & illegitimate ‘Macedonia’. We all know there is no racial continuity between the Ancient Hellenic Macedonians of Alexander the Great, and the modern Slavic clowns that falsely parade themselves as ‘Macedonians’.  There is no history, linguistic, or archaeological evidence to support Skopje’s ludicrous claims to our ancient people. Nor is there any biological evidence that has been conducted by Greek and other foreign universities, to testify the legitimacy of these lying snakes who claim to be the descendants of an ancient empire building race.

Let this be clear – the Skopjiani, as a people, are neither smarter or better than Greeks in any way. Left completely to their own devices, they wouldn’t even be able to run their own country, let alone build an empire. The powers that be however, have different ideas, and Skopje will continue to be supported for as long as the Americans and NATO need their assurance for total control in the Balkans. Skopje will remain a threat to Greece for as long as our treacherous politicians continue to give these pathological liars the legitimacy they need to operate against us. It is the traitors within Greece, who continue to facilitate the needs of our overly ambitious northern neighbours, who are in turn directly responsible for the provocative behaviour of Skopje.

The corrupt modern Greek politicians continue to backstab the Greek people, while furthering the interests of Skopje. Golden Dawn is the only political body that strives for a policy that respects and serves the interests of its people first. We have an eternal debt to our glorious ancestors, but also to the unborn Greeks who will defend our history until the final victory!

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