Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Kasidiaris outlines Golden Dawn's economic policy regarding the memorandum

Recent talk of the so called ‘Grexit’ threat (Greece leaving the European Economic Zone) is not to be taken seriously, as the current system is made up of nothing but sell outs who take their orders from international users. Though they may flirt publicly with such ideas to entice or threaten the Greek people, it is nothing but cheap talk, in order to pre-occupy the Greek people while they are being sold out to foreign interests.

Golden Dawn is the only party that has the will to answer the debt, and end the economic stalemate in the interests of the Greek people. A national referendum on the memorandum will be one of the first initiatives to be actioned immediately by Golden Dawn, giving the people a chance to be heard on national economic policy.

Elias Kasidiaris, MP for Golden Dawn, analyses in his latest article in the financial proposal of Golden Dawn, as well as providing an answer to the state sponsored & organised terrorism against the nation’s 3rd largest democratically elected party. Despite the propaganda war against Golden Dawn by the system (the State, corrupt justice system, the Mainstream Media and the capitalists), free thinking Greek citizens have taken note of what Golden Dawn stands for. First and foremost is the proposal to expel Greece from the economic shackles of the international loan sharks directly through the wishes of the Greek people.

In the event that Golden Dawn was able to form a national government in the upcoming elections, a referendum will be called immediately regarding memorandum. The Greek people, who will overwhelmingly agree with Golden Dawn’s policy of terminating the memorandum, will have their democratically elected party and decision broadcasted to the foreign usurers. This will give Greece the added bargaining power to drive the international loan sharks into shock as the very sound of the word ‘referendum’ makes them sick.


  1. If GD can form a government, then why make a referendum and risk losing it?

  2. Only a minute percentage of Greeks are actually in favor the memorandum (capitalists, corrupt politicians & a small number of scared elderly people).

    The huge majority are against the memorandum, so there's no real risk.

  3. It's also an example of REAL democracy, where the people vote directly on specific issues.

    It's one thing for Golden Dawn to expel the usurers, but it's a strong message when the Greek people demand it as well