Monday, 15 December 2014

Jihadist takes hostages in Sydney café

Earlier this morning, a jihadist gunman took control of a Sydney Lindt café. There are at least 13 hostages (possibly more) who are still currently being held captive. Although the authorities are yet to declare this an act of terrorism, the Islamic flag which has been raised, as well as the head band with Arabic writing (worn by the Jihadist gunman) are clearly telling of the motivations behind this heinous crime.

For now, our thoughts are with the hostages, as wells as their family & friends who have been effected by this still ongoing cowardly attack. We hope the situation ends quickly, and without causalities.

The choice of location in the city centre may have been due to the cafes proximity to a major Australian broadcaster (Channel 7), as well as the Reserve Bank of Australia and NSW Parliament House, all significant financial, legal and political areas of interest in the city of Sydney. The siege has dragged on, and the Jihadist is looking to get as much attention from the mainstream media as possible. Demands and negotiations are yet to take place, however the Islamist has claimed that 4 explosive devices have been planted throughout the city, spreading more fear to the people of Sydney.

This is yet another example of how worthless our sell-out politicians truly are for allowing these Jihadist savages into this beautiful country. Not only did they open the gates to these Islamic radicals, but they also actively support the American & Zionist war machine in attacking their nations overseas, further provoking the Jihadist criminals within our own borders. This is a recipe for disaster, and not a single government official is willing to address the elephant in the room. Even the Prime Minister’s opening Press Conference statement completely refused to acknowledge the fact that this was obviously the work of an Islamic Jihadist. We predict the next few press releases from government officials will probably be nothing but pure damage control, in order to save face for their multicultural project, assuring us we have nothing to fear from the ‘religion of peace’ (as long as every day regular Australians don't mind being under unconstitutional government surveillance).

Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, the Australian people are not so gullible, and are taking notice of the behaviour these Muslims have brought with them into our neighbourhoods. Those that pay the price for this governments failed immigration policy are your everyday working class Australians, who bear the brunt of this multicultural experiment. From drive by shootings to gang rapes, Australians are slowly waking up.

The truth must be told, and in the 1970s, Australian immigration officials warned the so the called ‘right wing conservative’ government of Australia against Middle Eastern migrants, as they were not thought to possess the basic qualities needed to integrate into Australian society. The conservatives, who are often referred to as ‘fascists’ by the leftists, decided they knew better and let thousands of these Middle Eastern migrants into Australia, laying the foundations for an endless surge in crime & violence in formerly white neighbourhoods.

Meanwhile, our capitalist elite have shown grave concerns about the effect this might have on their profits during the Christmas shopping period. Money is their only God, and the wealthy elite who pressure our government to keep our boarders open in order to increase their sales couldn’t care less about the future of this nation.

Australia and Argentina possessed some of the greatest living standards at the turn of the last century, both countries which actively enforced the racial integrity of their societies. We cannot expect to remain a 1st world country while flooding our cities with 3rd world people. This behaviour, which is largely alien to the Australian people, will continue until our corrupt, sell-out politicians and capitalist elite put aside their greedy profiteering, and start putting the Australian people first and foremost.

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