Friday, 19 December 2014

Golden Dawn continues to climb higher in the polls

As the system continues to manufacture fake polls, in order to manipulate public opinion, the reality of the situation has hit the state harder than ever. Golden Dawn climbed to double digit figures in an upward trend, while the coalition continues to plummet at an incredible rate. This could well and truly be attributed to the discovery of the Samaras recording where he unlawfully ordered the arrest of Golden Dawn MPs, much to the outrage of the remaining New Democracy voters.

Below are the figures from the poll. It is important for our readers to understand that Zougla was the closest of all polls in predicting the rise of Golden Dawn in the 2012 National elections.

As you can see by the poll, some very important information is available regarding the contemporary political climate. As the new Republic collapses, even Syriza voters begin to leak to the Nationalist side. This is because the voters realise that unlike the fake Marxists who are friends with international bankers and media, Golden Dawn are the only real anti-systemic party in Greek parliament.

The zougla results are keeping the pollsters of the mainstream companies in check, who will be forced to eat their lies following the upcoming election when Golden Dawn becomes the 3rd political force in the country with double-digit ratings. The plans of the puppet political parties to sell out Greece will only continue tp fall following the eventual release of our Chief, who will lead us further to victory.

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