Monday, 10 November 2014

Golden Dawn Supports the Military: Meeting with representatives of the Union Army Retired Officers

"We believe from the outset that the issues relating to the National Defence and Public Order should be exempt from the restrictions of the memorandum, because without a strong national defence, there is no social security, no national freedom."

~Nikos Michaloliakos - July 7, 2012 - Discussion of the policy statements

A meeting was held between the Golden Dawn and representatives for the Union Retired Army Officers (E.A.A.S). On behalf of the Golden Dawn, Thessaloniki MP Mr. Zisimopoulos Polybius and MEPs Synadinos & Epitideios attended the meeting, with the 2 MEPs being retired lieutenant generals themselves.

The discussion with the representatives of E.A.A.S. included:

  •     The Memorandum and how it has affected the armed forces and personnel
  •     The positions of Golden Dawn and their parliamentary policies towards the military
  •     Golden Dawn’s ideology as guarantors of freedom for the Fatherland.
  •     Security for Greece and Europe’s borders

Following the successful discussions, E.A.A.S publicised a press release regarding the meeting. It detailed some of the real life issues faced by many serving in the military, including the new wage, equity funds, pensions and the concerns about the classification of the so called ‘uniformed’ personnel under the constitution. The meeting was described as taking place in an excellent climate for discussion, with Golden Dawn stressing their desire to open further the communication with the E.A.A.S and to continue supporting the military in parliament. 

While Golden Dawn represents working class Greeks and their families, they have a flawless track record of supporting the Greek military. As the protectors of this nation, is it absurd that the Samaras government allows military personnel to take a 37% decrease in pay since 2010, while the threat of war is as real as ever. Turkish warships and jets are routinely entering Greek territories, while ISIS & the USA continue their war in the Middle East, all too close to home. Supporting our military should be a national priority, and National defence is a key fundamental policy of the Golden Dawn.

For those that don’t speak Greek, the below video is from 2012, where Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos fiercily defends the military with the famous quote ‘"Neither one euro less for the Armed Forces."

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