Thursday, 20 November 2014

Tsipras meets with Anglo-American banking elite - More leftists hypocrisy

The self-described ‘rebels’ and ‘anticapitalist’ Syriza party are on their way to London. This must be some kind of hilarious joke, because senior Syriza leaders are heading to the Mecca of capitalism, the system they supposedly hate. Their visit will include meetings with international bankers along with some of the largest financial institutions in the world, many of whom are also responsible for the financial crisis in Greece. Some of Syriza’s lunch dates include Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Nomura, Merrill Lynch, and possibly representatives of the shipping lobby of London, according to newspaper "To Vima".

We would expect these meetings to be arranged by Stathakis himself, who is a ‘customer’ of JP Morgan, investing over 100,000 euros in the American BlackRock company. Such is the trend of today’s Marxists, who flaunt ridiculous amounts of personal wealth while claiming to be ‘fighting for the poor’ (see Alex Kakafikas for a great example). The meetings will also be attended by the infamous Gianna Angelopolous, a Greek shipping oligarch who is one of Forbes top 50 most powerful women.

Mind you, there is no coincidence that all these meetings happened to be organised at the same time, as they coincide with Gianna’s catch up with Tsipras (hence the shipping lobby agenda). Besides being ridiculously rich, all these characters and entities have one thing in common – a hatred for Golden Dawn, the only political party that will reclaim the wealth stolen by these capitalist hypocrites for the Greek people.

While all this seems very strange, the meetings between Tsipras and the international loan sharks are both timely and strategic. The arrangements have been set during November 17 period, when all the rich kids (Anarchist morons) are busy rioting for the Polytechnic anniversary. The meeting is low key, allowing for Tspiras and his stooges to dine with his capitalist mates while his useful idiots are occupied with their usual past times; drugs, rioting, molotov cocktails, defending sodomy, random attacks on innocent bystanders & businesses, and other degenerate leftist activities that take place over the November period.

The Anglo-American banking cartels have a big interest in Syriza and Tsipras, who they are grooming as the next prime minister of Greece. It’s important for the Anglo-Americans that Tsipras continues to spoon feed the masses with his talk of socialism and ‘radical change’, while wheeling and dealing with the very banks that he claims to oppose. The shares of Stathakis and Tsakalotos in these American companies are very important, and provide excellent collateral when extorting the weak, sell-out politicians that corrupt our nation.

Right now, we have international powers fighting for control of Greece. On one hand, we have the likes of New Democracy and the Evangelos led faction of PASOK, which provides all out support for Merkel and the EU. This particular faction of the political elite follows the German line of ‘exit the memorandum’, while reducing the influence of the IMF and increasing the control of the German-ECB in its place.  On the other hand, we have Syriza, and the Papandreou led faction of PASOK which supports the Anglo-American liberal elite and banking cartels.

Again, both these factions of the Greek political elite have one thing in common – a mutual hatred for the Hellenic Nationalists. Golden Dawn is the only party not willing to play ball with the international puppet masters who are trying to destroy our nation.

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