Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Putin on the New World Order - Confronting the Zionist Internationalists

Russian president Vladmir Putin recently made a speech to the 11th Congress of the Valdai International Discussion Club. The event took place on the Black Sea, in the city of Sochi, with the theme being; “The New World Order: New rules or a game without rules”. The event was attended by over 108 historians, politicians & analysts from 25 countries. The speech to date was suspiciously ignored by the International Zionist media in Greece, as Putin analysed world events and how the Russian federation will respond to international politics.

The main key points of Putin’s speech can be summarised as follows:
  •  Any talks or agreements regarding trade will take place directly with partner or rival states, based on mutual law and the interests of each of two nations.
  •  In the present international juncture, there is no collective security for member nations, a situation for which the US is responsible.
  •  Russia has no plans to "fish" in the murky waters of international politics. These turbulent waters are due to extensive American empire building. Russia has no interest to build its own ‘empire’ and is not intended to act as a ‘saviour of the world’.
  •  Russia does not intend to shape the world according to its ideas and policies. But we will not allow anyone to change the ideas of Russia. Russia will not be cut off from the outside world.
  •  Russia will not allow anyone to violate its strategic interests. Those who try, will fail painfully.
  •  The power of Russia is not based on elitism in the background of international politics, but in the strength and will of the people.

Putin’s speech in Sochi was described by international analysts as an important political strategy. The Russian president shaped the terms of Russia’s foreign policy on the international chessboard, and made a clear statement regarding Russia’s international strategy to the global elite. There would be no compromise for Russia’s integrity, and Putin is prepared to pursue his strategy with the support and will of the Russian people.

Putin rightfully denounced Washington for their part in global destabilization, which they use to serve the interests of those who control the US government, while at odds with the interest of the rest of the world. At last, we now have a world leader who has the courage to not only denounce International Zionism, but also to confront their plans for the New World Order.

The global hegemony of the US is now being contested by many nations of the world. It is no longer a coincidence that in all global polls, the US ranked as one of the greatest threats to world peace. Washington and the International Zionists have turned the United States into a hateful, imperialist nation, unfairly punishing the people of what was once a great country. As a result, the so called ‘Democrat’ Obama has plummeted in his popularity, rivalling almost all past American presidents as one of the most hated leaders of all time. The ‘Nobel Peace Prize’ winner has instigated wars and bombed over 7 different countries in the space of just 6 years, while famously aligning the US with jihadists cannibals in Syria back in 2011 to promote his Zionist interests in the Middle East.

Washington is not only immoral, but becoming increasingly irrelevant as the Zionist puppet masters that control the country can never produce a quality president like Vladmir Putin. Putin will continue for many years to lead the moral world, and remains the only hope for the world community to confront the chaos of the New World Order.

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