Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Truth About Oxi Day: What the media & establishment don't want you to know

Oxi Day is known to many Greeks in the diaspora, however, many of the inconvenient facts & details for today’s liberals are shamelessly hidden by the institutions and media. The great hero of Greece, Ioannis Metaxas, was a proud nationalist leader who by all definitions, would be labelled a ‘fascist’ in the modern world. It is for this reason that the establishment tries to steal the achievements of our great nationalists while shamelessly removing them from the history books.

A classic example is the Greek Reporter, which released an article recently about New York’s commemoration plans for Oxi Day. When you read the article, you will notice they purposely refuse to mention the very name of Ioannis Metaxas, and instead try to side step the great man and refer to him simply as ‘Greece’s Prime Minister’. Why are they so afraid to mention the man’s name?  Perhaps they are concerned young Greeks may have a lead & discover how the great Nationalist leader was neither a liberal nor a democrat, and completely rejected the ideology that dominates the sell-out politicians of today.

Another example from the half-truths of Greek Reporter is the 582 word write up on the history of Oxi Day, which only refers to the ‘Metaxas line’, and not a single mention to who Metaxas was or his role in leading Greece during the Oxi Day event. If you think back to when you were learning or reading about Australia in WW2, did the teachers or media purposely try to refuse any mention of Sir Robert Menzies? Would the Americans do the same for Roosevelt, or the British for Churchill? With over 10 photos from the event, again, not a single picture of Metaxas, or the Greek Salute (which would be referred to as a ‘Nazi salute’ in today’s world) which was the official government salute of the Greek state (pictured above). 

The great achievement of Metaxa’s 4th of August Regime are dangerous for the political elite of today, because Golden Dawn is the only party that still remains true to these Nationalist ideas. Under the Nationalist leadership of Metaxas, Greece experienced the following:

  •     Disappearance of unemployment.
  •     Introduction of paid leave.
  •     Establishment of Collective Labour Agreements.
  •     Establishment of incentives and paid overtime.
  •     Introduction of Sunday as a public holiday.
  •     A guaranteed and fair minimum wage
  •     Establishment of the National Workers' May Day Feast.
  •     Prohibition of child labour.
  •     Free tickets for theatre, cinema, and other social and sporting events for the Workers.
  •     Complete remission of agricultural debts.
  •     Establishment of National Youth Organization (EON).
  •     Reorganization/modernisation of the Armed Forces, modernization, construction of "Metaxas Line".

Another hidden fact about Metaxas was that he boldly said ‘NO’ not once, but twice during his leadership in Greece. We all know when Metaxas said ‘NO’ to the surrendering of Greek territory to invading forces, but many do not know when Metaxas said ‘NO’ to the continued payment by the Greek state to the international loan sharks. In 1936, Metaxas addressed the Court of International Justice regarding a debt dispute with the Belgian Bank Society:

 "The Government of Greece is anxious for the vital interests of the Greek people, administration, economic life, state of health and the internal and external security of the country. Therefore, it could not make another selection”.

Metaxas also added:

"Sometimes there can be an extraordinary situation, which makes it impossible for governments to fulfill their obligations to creditors and to their people. The country's resources are insufficient to meet both requirements simultaneously. It is impossible to pay a government debt, and at the same time give the people the proper administration and guaranteed conditions for moral, social and economic development. The state will need to select between the two, and must chose the latter. The duty of the State to ensure the proper functioning of essential public services, which outweighs the payment of debts.”

The amendments tabled in the aftermath of the Memorandum by the international loan sharks made it clear that they would not tolerate another outcome like that which was championed by Metaxas. Instead, Samaras agreed that the new Memorandum would see Greece continue to pay its debt over the interest of serving its own people first. The puppets of the Greek state like to parade and celebrate the word ‘NO’ & Oxi Day, but many do not live up to its true meaning.

While Samaras lets Turkish jets invade our territory on almost monthly basis, and bleeds Greece dry to the international loan sharks, the media and academia of the western world rush to remove the great Nationalist leader of Metaxas from the history books.

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