Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Latest Acropolis Poll - Golden Dawn will be national opposition, another blow to Samaras

It is almost official practice for the mainstream media (MSM) to use questionable and biased polls to show Golden Dawn in an unfavourable light amongst the Greek people. Unfortunately for the MSM, some polls give a better indication of what the Greek public are really thinking, and thanks to the alternative media, the public will soon learn the truth.

In a nationwide poll, which included a high sample, the following figures showed voting intentions for over 3000 Greek people:

SYRIZA 27.3%
ND 18.2%
PASOK 5.8%
RIVER 5.4%
KKE 5.2%
ANEL 2.7%
LAOS 0.9%
DIMAR 0.8%
Rebuilds 0.7%
EPAM 0.5%
OTHER 3.9%
Undecided 6.4%

Based on these figures, the seat allocations for political parties entering the Parliament would be as follows:

ND: 51
KKE: 17

The findings of the survey indicate:

  • The failure of Syriza to ensure the creation of an independent government, since the polling rates are consistently below 30%, with decreasing trends. Syriza’s downfall would include their policies on multiculturalism, their shift to the political centre, the embracing of the business elite and the comings and goings of Tsipras with Angelopoulos
  • The rapid rise of Golden Dawn, despite the furious war against us by the political establishment. This is essentially the first poll which comes live exclusively from the Acropolis, where the Golden Dawn is now the second party.
  • The New Democracy party of Samaras, which has become overwhelmed following their failure to deliver on their promises to the Greek people. Their decline has been consistent for an extended period of time, which is now ongoing and rapid. In this poll, ND takes 18.2% of votes, however in the qualitative elements of the survey, it suggests that they are very likely to record polling rates similar to "PASOK of 2012", ie below 15%
  • PASOK, despite the agonizing efforts of Venizelos, continues to ally itself with even the worst of enemies. They now manage to proudly get 5.8% of polling votes, putting them in serious competition with the River for the centre left, which takes 5.4% of the voters.
  • The systemic KKE, which acts as the control opposition and "bodyguard" of the system. With little more than 5%, like New Democracy & PASOK, they are becoming a thing of the past.
  • LAOS and DIMAR, led by the stooges, Mr. Foti and Karatzaferi, both struggle to now take 1%
  • The poll figures as shown in the image speaks for themselves, and further comments on the current political climate are almost redundant. The nexus of power has changed, and the Golden Dawn will claim greater power in the next elections.

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