Thursday, 6 November 2014

Is this Pakistan or Greece? Hundreads of Muslims mutilate themselves during public ritual in Piraeus

If you were blind folded, put on an overnight flight and dropped in the middle of Piraeus, you would most likely think you ended up in Islamabad upon seeing your shocking surroundings. These barbaric images are not from the sub-continent during the Stone Age, but of ‘modern’ and ‘progressive’ Greece in 2014.

For yet another year, the Greek port city of Piraeus has been turned into Islamabad, as hundreds of Shia Muslims gathered to celebrate what the Islamic followers observe as the holy day of Ashura. What you see in these pictures are not your ordinary religious celebrations, like our Orthodox Easter or Christmas, which includes family, prayer, & feasting. This is a religious event celebrated in blood & pain, as Shia Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, a grandson of their Prophet Muhammad.

According to tradition, Imam Hussein was killed along with his tribesman in the battle of Karbala, and was beheaded while his body was mutilated. The purpose of this bloody ritual is to self-inflict pain, in order to experience the physical agony of Imam Hussein’s mutilation. The celebration is practiced by Shia through flagellation, to the point of bleeding.

As you can see from the gruesome images, the Islamic fanatics are allowed to carry knives and blades freely through the city, while the authorities do nothing. Considering the Greeks have endured hundreds of years of aggression at the hands of Islamic imperialists and occupiers, it begs the questions as to why our corrupt politicians thought it would be a good idea to let these extremists come freely into our homeland.

For our readers outside of Greece, is this the sort of Greece you would like to take your children to visit one day? Our people have thousands of years of culture and tradition, we don’t need what the liberals consider ‘vibrant cultural enriches’ to bring their barbaric rituals into our nation.

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