Thursday, 20 November 2014

Illegal Immigrants to be given citizenship in Greece - Samaras now serves the left

Samaras now rushes to deliver the final blow to the Greek people before his inevitable collapse-

The Ragousis Law (3838/2010), which aimed to provide citizenship and voting rights to migrants (and those born to migrants) was deemed unconstitutional by the State Council on the basis that the Greek state recognises Hellenism as being biological in nature. Such is the saying of Golden Dawn- ‘you are born Greek, you do not become one’. The decision by the State Council came as a slap to the face of the globalists and internationalists, which could not be left unanswered by the anti-Greek New Democracy party.

The political cost that came about to the corrupt establishment following the rise of Golden Dawn forced New Democracy to stall their plans (temporarily). The internationalists are now pressuring the Greek government to review this law, in order to provide citizenship and voting rights to the non-Hellenic population. Such a move would help strengthen globalisation in Greece, offering even more political leverage to the anti-Hellenic system. This new bill being pushed by Samaras even has the endorsement of ANTARSYA, which has now jumped on the Samaras band wagon.

New Democracy is essentially a slave to the New World Order, and Samaras takes his orders from the internationalists. Samaras is willing to sell out his nation for any price, even at the expense of his own political career, as it is well established that these non-Greek voters would most likely vote for exclusively left wing parties. Perhaps an alliance with a leftist party (as is the current case with PASOK) could help him tap into this new pool of voters, but it most certainly won’t allow him to create an independent government without a coalition in the future. It looks as if New Democracy is willing to do business with anyone in order to stay in power, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

As we follow these events, the Interior Ministry is preparing to somehow bypass this bill – in hopes of at least temporarily allowing the illegal immigrants the right to vote. The new bill, which will essentially be a copy of the Ragousi bill passed earlier, again aims to provide citizenship and voting rights to illegal immigrants. The provision is that they be at least 18 years old, and attended 6 years of Greek school. That’s ATTENDED 6 years of Greek school, not successfully COMPLETE 6 years of Greek school.

Samaras proves once again to be best friends with the communists. In a very short time, he managed to help them accomplish their wildest dreams, which includes; giving away the name of Macedonia to Skopje, a complete blunder with the Turkish warship at Sounion, and in time- the legalisation of illegal immigrants. The line between the ‘conservative’ right, and communism, has become just that little bit more blurry.

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