Thursday, 13 November 2014

Hypocrisy: Another example of banks sponsoring 'Marxist revolutionaries'

The communist claim that capitalism is the root of all evil, and a tool of the elite to oppress the masses. Yet strangely enough, you’ll be sure to meet a large of ‘Marxists’ in your life time who are filthy rich. Not only are these individuals extreme hypocrites, but they also make up some of the most ‘radical’ leaders who use their political parties to further their capitalist agenda.

After nearly a century of cheating Greek workers, the communist party has shamelessly used their influence and power to close trade agreements that directly benefit a clique of oligarchs in securing further wealth. A classic example was when New Democracy, the ‘liberal capitalist’ party, was trying to privatise the state electricity provider, to help make the rich richer while average Greek workers and households lose out to cost cutting. The Communist, ideologically claim that they ‘oppose all forms of privatisation’ but failed to block the bill from passing, a classic example of the how the red hand of communism scratches the back of capitalism. One can only imagine how many Marxist pigs where able to take advantage of the situation and continue to make more money from the deal.

Another pathetic example is one of the leading communist rags circulating in Greece, which shamelessly claims to be a Marxist paper, while being sponsored by a capitalist bank! How exactly does the working class profit from opportunistic-money lending-usurers who have driven this nation into the ground? Who is the real driving force behind these ‘orphans of Marx’?

This is a common theme in the history book of Bolshevik, as we know that Lenin and Trotsky where financed by capitalist (guess the ethnicity of these financiers) from London and New York. The same financiers would letter help Stalin industrialise the Soviet Union, which would eventually become a major global power after World War 2. Today, many of the high ranking communists of the Eastern Bloc are either filthy rich oligarchs, or ‘Christian Democrat’ politicians like German Chancellor Merkel. It’s amazing how quick a communist can become a dirty rich capitalist overnight, it’s almost as if they are all living a lie.

Golden Dawn are true Nationalist Socialists, we remain true to our socialist ideals and our movement is not sponsored by banking cartels or other greedy capitalists. Our supporters are the backbone of our party, and the only party where MPs would donate the huge majority of their parliamentary salaries to feed and clothe the poor. So we’d like to ask the Marxist millionaires a question, who are the real socialists of the world? You’d have to be a fool to nominate someone like multi billionaire George Soros.

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