Thursday, 20 November 2014

Henry Kissinger: We have failed miserably in Syria and Ukraine

Another telling article was released on German ‘Der Spiegel’ magazine which interviewed famous New World Order theorist and known Jew Henry Kissinger. The interviewed discussed the tactics that should be followed to enforce globalisation, as well as admitting implicitly that the Americans have failed in Syria and the Ukraine.

Kissinger begins the interview directly
“I support attacks on territories from which terrorist attacks are launched. I have never expressed a public view on drones. It threatens more civilians than the equivalent one did in the Vietnam War, but it's the same principle”.

Regarding the territories which Kissinger supports attacking, this is just shameless promotion for American expansionism while using ‘terrorism’ as an excuse to further their imperialist ambitions. These territories include the Nationalist state of Syria, where by the Zionists tried to rally the American & British people into an all-out invasion of the country, but where forced to cancel their plans because of a lack of public support for their lies.  Kissinger expands further on this and states:

“First of all, I don't agree that the Syrian crisis can be interpreted as a ruthless dictator against a helpless population and that the population will become democratic if you remove the dictator” and “It is partly a multiethnic conflict. It is partly a rebellion against the old structure of the Middle East. And it is partly a sort of rebellion against the government. Now, if one is willing to fix all these problems and if one is willing to pay the sacrifices for fixing all these problems and if one thinks one can create something that will bring this about, then one can say, ‘We will apply the right to interfere,’ but that means military measures and willingness to face the consequences”.

According to Kissinger, we need military action in Syria, but he carefully adds
“I think we should have had a dialogue with Russia and asked what outcome we want in Syria, and formulate a strategy together. It was wrong to say from the beginning that Assad must go -- although it is a desirable ultimate goal. Now that we are locked into that conflict with Russia, a deal regarding the Iranian nuclear program becomes more difficult.”

Of course, the delays in the military overthrow of Assad only infuriate the Zionist lobby which has ordered the take down or Iran, which must follow the topping of Syria first.

As for the Ukraine, Kissinger begins to shows some glaring signs of reason, and says that
"Crimea is a special case. Ukraine was part of Russia for a long time. You can't accept the principle that any country can just change the borders and take a province of another country. But if the West is honest with itself, it has to admit that there were mistakes on its side. The annexation of Crimea was not a move toward global conquest. It was not Hitler moving into Czechoslovakia.”

The above statement shows that the American imperialists, even according to their architectural designers are by no means omnipotent. Just as their ideology is flawed, the NWO will crumble at the hands of the rising Nationalist forces.

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