Thursday, 6 November 2014

Golden Dawn Tour of America: A great success

Our comrades at XA Ameriki welcomed senior Golden Dawn members General Giorgos Epitideios (XA MEP) & Michalis Giannagkonas (West Attica Division Leader) in their tour of New York. The event took place over the 26th & 27th of October, with the aim of raising awareness to the Greek diaspora on the situation in Greece, and to help raise support for the party back home

If we are to believe what the mainstream media and so called Greek community ‘leaders’ have to say, Golden Dawn is apparently ‘hated’ and ‘despised’ by the Greek diaspora across the globe. Unfortunately for these Marxist stooges and Zionist puppets, Golden Dawn was met with warm reception from the Greek-American community. As evident by the photos, you can see Golden Dawn remained true to their ideals and met freely with working class Greeks on the streets of Astoria.

Despite the constant slander against Golden Dawn in the English speaking world, many Greek-Americans, particularly those of the working class, have rejected the mainstream media’s demonization of the party. Thanks to the alternative media, many Greeks have access to information outside of what the mainstream news corporations spoon feeds the masses, and have been drawn to Golden Dawn’s nationalism. The success of the tour has meant that Golden Dawn was able to reach out to a number of Greek-Americans, in a much more personable manner outside the online world.

Another great success was the an unbiased and objective news article by Greek-American local newspaper ‘Ethnikos Kyrikas’.

“A Meeting with Golden Dawn Member of European Parliament in Astoria“

NEW YORK. Golden Dawn Member of European Parliament, Lieutenant General Ret, Giorgios Epitideios, at noon Saturday, visited Astoria and met with members and officials of Golden Dawn’s New York “Division”.

The meeting took place at a Greek café-bakery in Astoria, in a friendly environment and presented an opportunity for the Diaspora to be informed on the situation in the homeland, the imprisonment of the president and other Golden Dawn Members of Parliament, and the role of the three European parliamentary members, more specifically Lambros Fountoulis, Giorgos Epitideios, and Major General Ret Eleftherios Synadinos.

The Diaspora informed Mr. Epitideios on the activities of the Golden Dawn “division” in New York and the humanitarian help that was being provided to the homeland.

The Golden Dawn “division” in New York doesn’t have fixed offices and the principal means of communication between members is done through the website

At the same time, they collect funds for the People’s Association – “Golden Dawn”

They additionally ask, that money or Money orders not be sent, but rather prepaid debit gift cards, which are issued by large store chains, which can be used in the homeland.

Finally, they stated that they are working with the central leadership of Golden Dawn, to find new ways for Diaspora donations to pass directly to Greece.

Golden Dawn Australia will be holding a similar event in Melbourne and Sydney. Please refer here for more information to find out how you can attend. 

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