Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Golden Dawn helps the elderly with much needed supplies

As the economic crisis continues to cripple Greece, the corrupt political system continues to clamp down on Golden Dawn, denying them of their constitutionally entitled funding. Despite all opposition from the system to bring down Golden Dawn, the Nationalists continue to put the Greek people first and provide assistance to those in need.

On November 16, officers, members, and friends of the Athenian branch of Golden Dawn distributed much needed supplies to the people of the Kalavyrta municipality. Golden Dawn was met with a warm greeting by the locals, many of whom where elderly and experienced the recent pension cuts brought up by the treacherous Samara junta.

Golden Dawn also enjoyed a brief tour of the area, and where shown many of the historical landmarks in the region. Not only did the brief tour show the hospitality of the locals, but it also helped bind the Nationalists to the important history of the region. This is what we fight for, and the Golden Dawn will continue to fight for as long as it takes to free our people from tyranny.

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