Monday, 10 November 2014

25 years since the collapse of the "Wall of Shame" and the "Socialist Paradise"

The Wall of Shame (or the ‘anti-fascist protective wall’ as it was known by the communists) is a story of epic shame for the global left. Much of the details about the wall have been hidden to every day Greeks since 1974, thanks to the influence of the communist and leftists.

The construction of the Wall of Shame began in August 1961, just within the limits of the 2 sectors of Berlin. Its construction required the labour of 50,000 East Germans who worked under the militant supervision of 3 soviet divisions. It was designed in concrete, complete with power lines, minefields, and under constant patrol of armed soldiers who were to shoot anyone who moved in the wrong direction. An impenetrable barrier designed to keep in those who could not bear the ‘great’ life in the ‘socialist paradise’.

The ‘socialist paradise’ was so great that more than 2.6 million East Germans had fled the brutal communist regime to West Germany. In 1961, the emigration intensified, with over 47,000 refugees in the first 2 weeks of August, and a total of 180,000 between January and August. At this rate, the East German ‘socialist paradise’ was destined to become depopulated. The communists, who obviously thought they knew better than the German people themselves, decided in their wisdom that the East Germans where better off in the ‘Socialist Paradise’, and forced them to remain in East Germany by erecting the massive wall. Threats of being shot on site to those who tried to leave also became a reality for dozens of Germans who attempted to seek a life outside of the Bolshevik hell.

For 28 years, the Communist continued this national disgrace with their wall. In November 1989, the East Germans, who were essentially treated like prisoners, trapped in this man-made communist gaol, pulled down the abomination with their own hands. The confusion from the inevitable self-collapse of Bolshevism had come, and the wall no longer stood in Berlin.

During these 28 years, no less than 86 people died trying to pass the wall, in a desperate attempt to flee the bloody hands of communism. The first victim was a 24 year old Günter Litfin, in August 1961 and the last victim was Chris Gkefrou in February, 1989. The communist killers not only ruthlessly murdered men, but also innocent children, including a 10 & 13 year old who were killed in 1966. The murderers are still yet to be punished, and have not been pursued for their crimes even after the fall of the wall.

Today, the Greek ‘left’ have not learned a thing from the past crimes of their political brothers in East Germany, and continue to pollute the Greek political climate with their failed Bolshevik ideas. Unfortunately for Greece, Marxism didn’t end with the Berlin wall, and continues to find life in the mainstream parties of modern Greece. Just as the Berlin wall collapsed, so too will the Marxist elite who have plundered Greece since 1974.

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