Tuesday, 7 October 2014

They fear our presence in the parliament: Nikolaos Michaloliakos, Acropolis Newspaper interview

The leader of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos G Mihaloliakos gave an interview to the newspaper “Acropolis” from Korydallos Prison where he is being held illegally with the rest of the parliamentarians of the Movement.

Friday afternoon. The telephone in the hall of the wing of the prison holding the unjustly imprisoned parliamentarians of Golden Dawn is…busy! The president of Golden Dawn Mr Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, shut out by all media, is explaining with clarity the position of his party on the latest political developments, which stem from the request for a vote of confidence in the government of Samaras-Venizelos.

N.M: (Nikolaos Mihaloliakos): On behalf of all the parliamentarians of Golden Dawn but also the executive and thousands of members around Greece, I want to wish you good luck, sincerely, for your new effort on publishing a Sunday edition. It’s a truly huge achievement because I know very well that you are fighting with the beasts of the System, as we are also. I am the Leader of the third largest political party in the nation and I’m behind bars and cut off from communicating with our 600,000 voters. Even the broadsheets that pretend to be patriotic belong to the New Democracy stable, that have orders not to devote a line to Golden Dawn. They’ve reduced themselves to servants of Venizelos.

A (Acropolis Newspaper):
Mr Mihaloliakos on Monday the discussion about the vote of confidence in the government will begin. Will you be taking part in it?

NM: We are imprisoned, my colleagues and I as you are well aware, on the orders of Samaras and Venizelos. Our political rights, which obviously they’ve forgotten up there in the government, have not been totally erased. However they are not allowing us to carry out our duties, as is our right. These things didn’t even occur under Stalin. Of course all of us who are imprisoned here requested as per protocol of the prison to be allowed to go to parliament to carry out our duty. They did not follow the law. They know what is coming to them! They continue to work their way around the law to shut us out, this time also.

A: From your Party’s printed materials, from your website but also from the internet show that Ilias Kasidiaris broadcasts, I’ve understood that you are openly talking about treason on the part of Samaras over the name of Macedonia. Why do you say that?

NM: We say it for Samaras and Venizelos. They have agreed over the name but lack the courage to say so to the Greek people. In the interviews they give, “planted” journalists refer to Skopia as “Macedonia”, and the political gang of the coalition government does not dare to speak a word in disagreement. In all the international forums Venizelos and Samaras sign agreements with the government of Skopia with documents that bear the name “Macedonia”. No mass media outlet, although they are aware of what is happening, says a word about it. The TV channel bosses and the newspaper bosses owe tens of millions of euros to the banks and financial institutions and they are hostages to the common blackmailers that govern.

A: What is happening with your Trial?

NM: If I had the power, I would start it tomorrow morning! The yellow press have tried to pass the message that we are trying to obstruct the process. I challenge them! Let the trial begin tomorrow morning! In ten days’ time, the largest conspiracy against a legal political party in our Nation’s history will have collapsed. They are panicking. They shut us in prison, they persecute our members all around Greece, we are withstanding a journalistic cannibalism and we remain the third political power in the nation. I truly believe it: At the next national elections Golden Dawn will become the second political power and the Opposition.

A: Why do you say that?

NM: The foreign powers that had given orders to Samaras to use any means possible, legal or not, to put us behind bars have “prepared” for “tomorrow”. They want a coalition of SYRIZA with New Democracy. They were worried that it may not go to plan so they also started the “Potami”. Whatever plans they have made however, they can not include Golden Dawn to co-operate with them. The conspiracy will finish. We will find ourselves in the Parliament again where we will come face-to-face with all of them. We must save the Homeland and it is our duty to fight for this along with all of the Greek People.

A: Mr Mihaloliakos Thank You for the conversation we had.

NM: I thank you because all of you at the “Acropolis” are true Hellenes. I hear about the war that the government is waging against you, but you know what goes around comes around! Thank you for your time. I hope you understand, although I know that you wish to ask me further questions I have to give the phone to the other parliamentarians who wish to talk to their families, and to talk to their children.

A: Give our regards to your colleagues

NM: They read your paper and appreciate your work. Good Night.

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