Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The System, The Upcoming Elections and Golden Dawn

An analysis of the political landscape one year after the illegal arrests

At the time of writing these words, it’s exactly one year to the day from when the System declared war on the Nationalist Movement. They have always fought us, however over the past year the war exceeded all previous efforts. In their haste they demonstrated that in this country there is no democracy, no Constitution, only a corrupt gang of politicians and business people who are owned by the international moneylenders. I feel like a day hasn’t passed since the morning of 28 September 2013 when the police and prosecutor’s officers arrived at my home to inform me that I lead a criminal organisation. In this first instance, I escaped imprisonment by the skin of my teeth (however afterwards certain phone calls were made and the rest is history).

In the months that passed we truly fought a battle for survival. The System considered it a given that with the illegal imprisonment, the trials, the murders and the terrorism it would be successful in destroying our movement. In the end, they achieved the exact opposite. Their war against us made us stronger and proved to the Greek people who the only real power that truly stands against the corrupt authorities is. New Democracy, SYRIZA and the other parties joined in the war against Golden Dawn. We proved that their election disagreements and differences are a fraud to fool the ignorant and to form a false image of diversity of opinion. In practice, they all belong to the same corrupt power whose only enemy is Golden Dawn.

In the political battles that followed- for the European Union Parliament and for the Local Elections, Golden Dawn was victorious. All of the political commentators agreed on the night of the 24th of May, “the only winners of the elections were Golden Dawn”, “Samaras failed to pull them down to 2% etc.” We stood tall, AGAINST ALL, we increased our electoral percentages, multiplied our political power. The System refused to accept its failure and continued its illegal persecution against us. That’s how, a little later I found myself imprisoned also. There was also a renewed attempt to manipulate public opinion with fear, repression, prohibition, slander and lies. It’s the final spasms of a dying animal. The reality is the government of these clowns, Samaras-Venizelos has finished. We are in pre-election mode and the situation is very different from what it was a few months ago. An entirely different political reality is forming and Golden Dawn has been confirmed as the third political power of the nation. We have an historic opportunity to prove ourselves worthy of the mission that we have undertaken. This is a critical time for the Nationalist Movement and most importantly for our Homeland.

Samaras, Tsipras, Opinion Polls and the Truth

There’s one thing at this moment that everyone agrees on (from politicians, to journalists, foreign embassies etc). Samaras is finished. They have held his funeral and memorial service and they are preparing for the future (for the record, the visit to Merkel was the funeral and the event in Halkidiki was the memorial service). The man is living in an alternative universe, he’s lost the plot entirely and his psychological imbalance is plain for all to see. The slaps from Berlin, the subsequent developments (resignation of the ambassador etc) and mainly his comical speech in Halkidiki confirm our opinion. As soon as he said “I was holding a grenade, which in the end did not go off and a voice was shouting Antoni…” every right-thinking citizen felt their stomach turn, thinking that this pathetic guy was the Prime Minister of the Nation. Thank goodness that his political life is ending. Unfortunately, his successor gives rise to the same serious concerns.

I personally experienced the true Tsipras during a vote in the Parliament. SYRIZA had put forward a motion against the government, and when the time came to vote Mr Alexis left everyone speechless. HE VOTED “AGAINST” HIS OWN MOTION! The Chairperson reminded Tsipras that he had put forward the motion and he was voting against himself. Then Tsipras with a sheepish grin spoke and voted “FOR”. Unfortunately, this person with an ambiguous IQ is the preferred Prime Minister of Greece for the international moneylenders. The contact between Dragasaki-Stathaki probably has the purpose of confirming to the German monetary rulers that Tsipras is their man and he’ll do whatever they ask. The acceptance of SYRIZA by foreign authorities proves that they will continue the work of Samaras, meaning the sell-off of the nation. This is why the role of Golden Dawn is crucial.

The latest opinion polls have provoked shock and awe in the halls of the government. There have been demands to the Prime Minister for immediate elections. Even if this happens, it will not save them. Golden Dawn, despite the war against it, remains the third most popular political power. In the next Parliament, the representation of Nationalists must and should be large and strong.

Our goal is a high double figure result with thirty or more representatives in the parliament. Only then can we begin to stop the anti-Hellenic politics of the coming coalition government, whatever final form that will take (SYRIZA –New Democracy, SYRIZA-Potami-PASOK or all of them together). A strong Golden Dawn in the parliament is the only guarantee to a national resistance and a rescue of our nation. The upcoming elections will mean a final reckoning of the imprisoned parliamentarians with the authorities. What will happen in the event of our re-election? Will they spit on the people’s decision a second time and illegally imprison us again? Of course, they won’t be able to repeat themselves. It is imperative then that we must all fight together for a strong election victory. Only then will the conspiracy against us fall and our voice will become once again the voice of Truth amongst the corruption and betrayal.

Ilias Kasidiaris,
Korydallos Prison

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