Sunday, 19 October 2014

The rise of ‘Financial Jihad’, Turkey’s new war on Thrace

In the Greek region of Thrace, it would be fair to say that the land is still being ‘besieged’ by Turks, this time through ‘financial jihad’. Turkey’s goal is to replace Greek Christians with Muslims loyal to Ankara from the Thracian property market, further supporting Turkey’s territorial claims to the region. It is also important to mention that this financial jihad has the blessings of current Turkish Prime Minister, Davutoglu.

Back in 2010, the former foreign minister of Turkey (and current PM) Ahmet Davutoglu wrote a book which referred to a new ‘holy way’. This holy war would be a war not through arms but through financial/economic war. The book was translated into Greek, and helped us understand the underlying intentions of Turkish foreign policy in Thrace, thanks to Mr Davutoglu.

The facts speak for themselves, so let’s first consider the recent ‘humanitarian assistance’ by the Turkish state to the supposedly ‘deprived’ Muslims of Greece. This ‘humanitarian assistance’ incudes interest free loans to Muslims in Thrace so that they can purchase land, businesses and houses from Greek orthodox citizens. With millions of Greeks living on the boarders of poverty, and over 25% unemployed, Greeks are struggling to make ends during this economic crisis. Muslims with financial support from overseas and access to interest free loans will be able to take advantage of a people who are currently financially crippled.

Although Greece offers assistance to Greek Christians living in Turkey, it is important to understand the 2 examples cannot be compared. The Greek population of Turkey is minute, estimated to be about 2,500 and shrinking. The Muslims population in Thrace, thanks to illegal immigration, is rapidly rising. Turkey has also been actively convincing non-Turkish/Muslims minorities in Thrace that they are Turks, offering financial incentives to further fuel pro-Turkish nationalist sentiment in Thrace.

Turkey also has strict legal measures in place, and in a relatively new law passed in 2012 (article 5), the Turkish state can confiscate property purchased by foreigners for ‘safety’ purposes to ensure the territorial integrity of their country. It is important to understand there is no equivalent law in modern Greece.

One can only wonder if the Greek state has even considered the situation in Thrace, a region in Greece which is slowly falling into the hands of the Neo-Ottomans. Unlike the corrupt ruling establishment that does nothing while our homeland is being stolen, Golden Dawn will take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety and integrity of every single inch of Greek land.

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