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The Journey of Golden Dawn: Romanticism and Realism-by Nikolaos Mihaloliakos

The following article was written before 2003. It was a time when the most urgent national issues were the “Olympic Games”, the Olympics building works, the fake happiness of credit cards & loans, Big Brother and the euro dollar. It was a time when the “average” modern Greek citizen didn’t suspect the national economic collapse and occupation by the IMF that would occur in a few years. Yet, some “extremists” were speaking of these possibilities then and – unfortunately – today’s tragic reality confirms our truth because what is written still remains…

Magazine “Golden Dawn” April 2003: “The question is who will get in first: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) or the Turkish Army…”

We have many friends and colleagues who accuse us of being romantic, of not seeing the hard reality of the times, of not adapting to new developments. We have, of course, many and varied enemies, that slander us in many and varied ways. Some of them insist on calling us extremists and fanatics. We totally agree with them. We are fanatic and extreme in our Ideals about our Homeland, about our Race, and our Ideology! As for those who assert that Golden Dawn is playing a dirty game, all of them have been proven liars over time and all of those that have not yet been proven liars will be in the future.

In the famous story of Karagatsis “Blood Lost And Won” there’s a passage that describes the psychology of a traitor. Karagatsis writes that Michalis Roussis arrived at the point of becoming a traitor because no one believed him when he said that he was saved almost miraculously from the battle of Maniaki, and everyone believed that he was a coward and a deserter. Out of desire for revenge then, he decided to become a traitor. We have such traitors also, who when taking the hard road of Golden Dawn, found themselves not up to the task. They lacked the courage to criticise themselves, and instead chose the easy target of Golden Dawn. The lost dream of their fiery youth, which they couldn’t manage to remain faithful to.

It’s truly puzzling that in a Greece rotting without purpose, “waiting for the barbarians”, there are some people who remain stable in their ideas, who will not bend or bow down, who are fanatics.

I was speaking with a wise man who told me that Greece resembles a nation on its deathbed. The question is who will get in first: the International Monetary Fund or the Turkish Army? Yet despite these threats, everyone is concerned with the “reality shows”, with the football matches and with the political “matches” of the upcoming elections. Most people see us as the village madman, who tells the truth but no-one believes him and the easiest way for them to escape from their serious personal responsibility is to accuse us of being puppets. That’s why we can afford to have the courage of our convictions, and be romantic. Our duty to our Homeland, honour and values has been reduced to romanticism! To live FOR your ideas and not FROM your ideas, like many poseurs who pretend to be intellectuals, is considered romanticism like collecting butterflies or gathering flowers in the wild.

We don’t complain about the dirty war against us from enemies and “friends”. It is natural that they will try to stop us, to strangle our voice, to obstruct the rise of our movement.  They know that we will not ever depart from our positions. For those who question why we continue our fight, we answer with the image of thousands Golden Dawners in the Centre of Athens. A march of some exceptional men and women “who aren’t waiting for the barbarians” but who are determined to fight them until the end, inside and outside the walls of society. This is not romanticism, this hard and raw realism for the survival of the Race.

Nikolaos Michaloliakos

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