Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Spiros Papageorgiou: EOKA hero passes away

After a long and difficult illness which in the end blinded and paralysed him, Spiros Papageorgiou passed away on Friday 3 October 2014. He was the legendary editor of the newspaper “ESTIA” and the publisher of “Orthodox Press”. He was 74 years old.

Spiros Papageorgiou was one of the brightest fighters of EOKA*, a personal friend of the General Grivas – Digenis and the fiercest enemy of Karamanlis and Makarios and their supporters.

The books he wrote provoked decades of fear in the hearts of the traitor-supporters of Karamanlis and Makarios. Just the titles of his books incited panic among the traitors: “Karamanlis & the File”, “The Kofinou Enterprise”, “Makarios”, “Zidros”, “From EOKA A to EOKA B”, “Attilla wounds Greek Cyprus”, “Karamanlis & The Cyprus Issue”, “Dying in Cyprus” and many more.

The funeral of Spiros Papageorgiou will be held on Monday 6 October at 11 am at the Panagia Pantovasilissa Church at Rafina.

*EOKA = Ethniki Organosi Kipriakon Agoniston (National Organisation of Cypriot Fighters). EOKA where Greek-Cypriot Nationalists who opposed colonial rule of Cyprus, and fought for union with Greece.

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