Sunday, 19 October 2014

Golden Dawn pays tribute to Greek hero Pavlos Melas

Hundreds of nationalists gathered in honour and remembrance for Greek hero, Pavlos Melas, who gave his life fighting for our Macedonia.

Melas was born in the south of France in 1870, and moved to Greece in his youth to study, later joining the Greek military and rising to the rank of artillery lieutenant. Melas was instrumental in our modern history as one of the pioneering heroes who fought for the Greeks of occupied Macedonia.

Working closely with his brother in law Ion Dragoumis, Melas organised and raised support for Greek Macedonians, establishing a military unit to fight against the occupying Bulgarians and Ottoman Turks. Surrounded by Turks at the village Statista, Melas fought till the bitter end before being killed on the battlefield. Melas’s death paved way for increased Greek intervention in the Balkans, which eventually led to the liberation of our Macedonia from foreign occupiers. The town of Statista was renamed Melas in his honor.

Golden Dawn’s remembrance event took place in Kifissia Square, an area of downtown Athens where a statute of the great man has been raised in memory of his sacrifice. Golden Dawn MP Zissimopoulos made a speech, reminding the people that while Melas died fighting for our Macedonia, our current ‘leader’ Samaras recently sold out our nation by allowing the remaining Bulgarian occupiers to proudly call themselves ‘Macedonians’.  This is an extreme betrayal of not only the Greek people of today, but also the brave heroes of the past who died fighting for our freedom.

Melas continues to serve as a hero to Greeks, particularly in these current times of troubles.

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