Thursday, 23 October 2014

Christos Pappas: Elections - NOW! Trial - NOW!

Syriza is nothing but a tool of the establishment. In the event of any further political success, they will unite and form alliances with the all the treacherous forces of Greece beyond the political ‘left’ and ‘right’, further awakening the healthy part of our society.

The kleptocrats of New Democracy and PASOK, along with the internationalist Syriza, only have empty political promises to offer the Greek people. They will continue their vile plot against Golden Dawn, the only political party that stands against the national humiliation of our people, who have been reduced to poverty and suffering. We are the only party that can lead the Greeks to the path of hope and rebirth. Nationalism is a growing force, and Golden Dawn is rising. We are ready for the big challenges that await us-

Make elections now…. If you dare.  Bring on the trial of Golden Dawn…. If you dare Golden Dawn will withstand all challenges!

Any party in Europe that would of endured but a 10th of what we have experienced, would of fell apart. We have been the target relentless attacks, slander, imprisonment, and murder, yet we still stand tall, growing stronger every day in the polls, and we have emerged wiser and more experienced for the future to come.

The upcoming polls show the extinction of PASOK and New Democracy. After the next elections, there will be a political shuffle, where in all likelihood; we will see ‘new’ parties & coalitions forming. These parties will be nothing more than the same old parties, with all but a new label to mask their corrupt past.

The only hope for the future is with those who fight for our fatherland: the Golden Dawn.

The Golden Dawn has a vision. We have the will, the men & women, the policies, and above all, the faith in the people and their homeland. Do not fear the traitors, the persistent will win. The truth will win – our homeland will win.

Christos Pappas

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