Saturday, 4 October 2014

Anti-Greeks attack Golden Dawn Australia’s Assistance to Greeks in need

The attitude of the representatives of worldwide Zionism towards Greeks everywhere can be described in three words: hate, hate, hate!
It’s impossible to use another word to describe the Guardian’s attack on Golden Dawn over Greeks in Australia donating food and clothing to their suffering compatriots in Greece.

Yet that’s what happened, Golden Dawn was targeted because supporters in Australia committed the “crime” of helping their compatriots.

The well -known source of anti-Greek misinformation accuses the Australian wing of Golden Dawn of collecting money and food, which it sends to Greece “only for Greeks”. As in all reports on Greece, the Guardian adopts the stance of SYRIZA and brands the above charitable action of our compatriots as “an expression of hate”!

The report goes on to describe the charitable action as being carried out from Melbourne under the banner of “Assistance to Greece” (Voithame thn Ellada). The statements from a parliamentarian of Greek background are also included where he expresses his disappointment at the charitable deeds of Golden Dawn Australia. He declares “we are trying to deprive them of oxygen so that they disappear as quickly as they appeared”.

It’s obvious that the little liberal macho man is annoyed that the supporters of Golden Dawn in Australia have expressed their support to their suffering compatriots in Greece with actions and not with cheap, self-publicising, hollow statements of support.
The reasons for the illegal and unconstitutional cancellation of government funding of Golden Dawn are clear: the global profiteers and their local political puppets want the Greek People suffering and on their knees.

Golden Dawn wants the Greek People to stand tall & proud, united side by side with their compatriots through every difficulty, supported by their Faith in God, the Homeland and the Greek People.

Original article by Evangelos Karakostas,
translated by XA Australia

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  1. Let them say what they want, the greek dispora will continue to help out our fellow bothers and sisters in greece.