Saturday, 4 October 2014

Ambrosios Scathing over the “anti-racism” discrimination law

“Your children will be slaves to the muslims”

In his sermon to the faithful at the Holy Church of the Revelation, on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Church the Most Reverend Ambrosios of Kalavrita and Egalia spoke the bitter truth about the anti – Hellenic law, deceptively titled thr “anti-racism” bill.
Referring to the above law, which criminalises thought and speech and is incredibly anti-constitutional and which will be applied as some kind of experiment, Ambrosios said:

“From tomorrow morning with the “anti-racism law” anyone who talks about our Homeland will be in danger of going to gaol. Any priest who talks from the pulpit against the Jehovah’s Witness or other religions is in danger of being considered a “racist” and being gaoled. In a short time, we will become strangers in our own land. I do not know if I will still be alive to see it, but your children will be slaves to the muslims. Greece is fading and Faith is fading. Hold on to the Flame of the Homeland and of Faith. Globalisation is not knocking on our door: it’s already inside.”

The few words spoken in truth above sum up the intention of the law which deliberately punishes thought, while at the same time giving a window of opportunity for the legalisation of the millions of illegal immigrants in our Homeland, with one free ( and false) complaint to police.

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  1. everything he said was so true, thats going to be greece's future if people dont wake up.