Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Albanian thugs terrorise historical Greek village in Albania, Greek state downplays the event

Making world headlines from the Balkans, last week we saw Albanian provocateurs who decided to send a drone onto the field of a Serbia vs Albania soccer match with the flag of ‘Greater Albania’. This is a deeply offensive flag, in particular for Serbs & Greeks as the Albanian imperialists, who have previously been supported by the Americans and NATO are dreaming of stealing our territories to make their fantasy of Greater Albania a reality.

In the below video, you can see that the Serb players had every right to remove the flag, as it was both offensive to the spirit of the game, and the Serbian people. The following incident occurred, as shown on RT news:

Following the incident, over 1,000 Albanians rushed to the historical Greek village of Dervitsani (which currently lies within Albania) in order to terrorise the Greek residents. Cars were destroyed, and innocent civilians were harassed and injured during the rampage. This is a result of the long standing anti-Greek sentiment of the Albanians who nourish their hatred for our indigenous people who have been living in that region for thousands of years.

In a sane world, you would expect the Albanian foreign minister to apologise to Greece, and take measures to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Instead, it was the Greek Foreign Minister, Kyriakos Kyrkos who was on the defensive, and attempted to downplay the intrusion, explaining this was simply an ‘isolated incident’. To this day, the Albanian government has not condemned the banner of the of ‘greater Albania’ which flies over Northern Epirus, which brazenly shows the Greek regions of Southern Epirus and Corfu annexed into the Albanian state.

Greeks have lived in Northern Epirus for thousands of years, and continue to be a targeted minority by both the Albanian government and the Albanian people. Our anti-Greek government has done nothing to denounce the shameful incidents that happened in Dervitsani, and our president Papoulias is currently being pressured by Albania to apologise for statements made about Northern Epirus, which the Albanians deemed ‘offensive’
Without a spine or any ounce of self respect, our corrupt government will continue to appease the international loan sharks while ignoring the hardship of our Greek brothers & sisters in Northern Epirus. Only Golden Dawn MP Mihali Arvanitis has spoken out about the incident in parliament, which fell upon deaf ears to members of the other parties. Clearly, it is only Golden Dawn that cares about the Greek people, where ever they may be. 


  1. Mihalis Arvanitis - this guy's surname is more Albanian then those of most Albanians. You people are a sad joke.

    1. The Arvanites were & always will be Greek.

      All XA Australia members speak English, does that make us racially 'Anglos'? The answer is no. In the same respect, any Arvanites that may have known an Albanian dialect remained true to their Hellenic identity during the occupation. Their loyalty to the Greek nation (rather than Albania) & re-assimilation into modern Greek society is testament to their place in the Hellenic world