Monday, 27 October 2014

Al Jazzera plants the seeds of propaganda to rally Muslims in Greece

Al Jazzera, supposedly offering ‘independent’ and ‘objective’ news to the world, is funded by the Thani family, the current rulers of Qatar. The latest Islamic propaganda from Al Jazzera has been targeting what they believe are the ‘oppressed Muslims’ of Greece, setting the stage for the next episode of the Arab Spring… this time in Athens.

Be sure not to miss any reference to the Golden Dawn, the only force that makes them tremble. Perhaps it might have something to do with the fact that it is the only movement in Greece that stands for the rights of Greeks in Greece.

We live in an age where there are endless atrocities being committed by Islamist radicals throughout the world. From the lone wolf attacks in the West, to the knife wielding terrorist killers in China, to the rise of the Islamic State in the Middle East, and to beheadings as far as Nigeria, Al Jazzera prefers to highlight the plight of Muslims in Greece in a series of videos, presenting them as somehow persecuted for no reason other than their religious beliefs.

The blame for the current plight of Muslims in Greece is placed squarely on Greece and the Greeks. Let’s not point the finger at the opportunistic people smugglers who charge thousands of dollars to sneak these illegals into a country going through severe unemployment and financial disaster. Nor the EU which uses Greece as a dumping ground for unwanted ‘refugees’ who find themselves in other parts of Europe.

Firstly, they start with the Greek state, which is yet to build the Muslims a mosque so that they can pray. Perhaps Al Jazzera should do an investigation into how many churches Saudi Arabia has built for the millions of Christians who have entered their country, and are banned from practicing their religion. Next is the Greek Orthodox Church, which they imply is also responsible for the persecution of Muslims. Perhaps Al Jazzera should remember how the Greek Orthodox Church recently sheltered Palestinian Muslim families from the Israeli genocide efforts in July of this year. How many Islamic mosques have offered the same treatment to persecuted Orthodox Christians in war torn regions of the Middle East?

There is no mention to the fact that these Muslims have illegally invaded our country, and are also responsible for a recent crime wave which was virtually non-existent prior to mass Muslim immigration in Greece. Nowhere does the article refer to Muslims in Greece who have openly declared on live footage that they wish to wage Jihad on their enemies.

The ‘protagonist’, who is fluent in Greek represents the ‘victim’ so convincingly, deliberately echoing the ‘risks’ faced towards Muslims because the Greek State has not built them a Mosque for their convenience. We have already seen that underground Athenian Mosques have proven to be breeding grounds for radical Islamists who have left Greece to fight with foreign terrorist organisations. This is just another reason which supports the idea that the Mosque is nothing more than a Trojan Horse for the Muslim conquest of Greece.

In reply to this video, we state the following- we will not accept any further degradation of our homeland, nor the criminal behaviour exhibited by illegal immigrants in our nation. We cannot afford to live as minorities in our own cities and neighbourhoods and we refuse to placate the illegals and those that support them.

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