Tuesday, 14 October 2014

A slap to the anti-Greek traitorous system: We continue our Fight unbowed, from gaol

Last Thursday we witnessed the hysteria in the Greek mainstream media from my latest controversial statement. It demonstrated that imprisonment has not changed us and we remain unrepentant and dangerous. What was it in my comment that was so extreme? That I didn’t ask Kanelli for forgiveness for the slap. When in fact she attacked me first and has never asked the same from me… The funniest thing however isn’t the tone of the headlines “Kasidiaris is Unrepentant and Provocative”. The charges are the real joke. The assistant prosecutor Maria Dalla accuses me of:

“attacking the victim Liana Kanelli and with punches repeatedly inflicting heavy blows on her face, resulting in extensive bruising and neck pain. The manner of the attack and the areas of the body that the victim was attacked (head and face) could have led to the risk of a serious bodily injury.”

“Serious bodily injury” from a slap… Is it a new martial art form or was I channelling Chuck Norris?

The assistant prosecutor charges me with the above as if no one in Greece witnessed the incident. Yet that doesn’t stop her from making false statements and exaggerations in order to “beef up” the charges. Thankfully, she didn’t charge me with attempted murder. These kinds of people lessen people’s faith in the legal system and destroy institutions. A slap on the face transformed into repeated blows to the face and head. The words “disgust” and “shame” lose their meaning when we consider certain people who corrupt Justice.

This story also includes the telephone call live on air on the day of the incident, by the journalist and fellow guest on the show Dellatollas to the Prosecutor Eleni Raikou, where he called a number on his mobile & said “Hi Eleni”…etc. I describe the incident in my upcoming book about the conspiracy against Golden Dawn and everything that has happened since our entry into the parliament in 2012. The title of the chapter below is “The Slap” and it refers to what happened immediately after the slap and my exit of the ANT1 studio.

“The Slap”

The results of the elections of 9 May 2012 were a cracking blow against the anti-Greek, traitorous system, which set off an eruption of activity between various political parties, media representatives and international centres of power with the aim of cutting our momentum. This resulted in the stage-managed episode of ANT1 where they tried to manipulate public opinion against us. Their plan failed and achieved the opposite result to what they were expecting.

Right after I left the studio that day, there was a flood of phone calls from friends, acquaintances but also strangers who happened to have my number from my pre-election campaign. I immediately understood that the incident would serve our party’s image. Public opinion rewarded my reaction against someone who is known as a face of the political and journalistic system. Millions of citizens identified the provocative behaviour of Kanelli against me, with the attitude of the system towards them. They saw that slap as a slap against the System. This view has been affirmed many times: I received countless congratulations from people of all ages, men and women- especially women- for my action that day.

While I was driving a little later on, I heard on the radio that I was wanted for questioning. I didn’t expect the System to react so quickly because the law demands that any claims must be filed with the court first to initiate the legal process.

I was quite innocent back then and naturally had not foreseen everything that occurred after the ad break. That’s when the journalist Dellatollas, who is caught up in the Kiriakidis scandal and was forced to return an astronomical amount to the public sector to avoid prison, had called “live on air” the Manager of the prosecutor Raikou. Everyone remembers the now famous phrase “Hi Eleni, I’ve got a case for you…” which sounds more like he was calling a girlfriend and not making a formal complaint to a court. Everything that followed entirely shamed the institution of Justice. It was the omen of things to come for Golden Dawn. The System intended to destroy the meaning of Justice and use magistrates like hit men in order to “deal” with us.

After a short time – and even though my mobile phone had not stopped ringing with calls of congratulations, I saw that a call from my home phone number was coming through. My father informed me that a number of police officers were looking for me, including the Commander and leader of the security forces. I thought to myself “what an honour for them to send the Commander and an entire team”! One and a half years later an entire anti-terrorist unit would come to my home for the same reasons. I told my father to ask them if a case against me had been filed with the court. They informed him that no such action had occurred. He asked again, why I was wanted for questioning when I had not carried out any action that allowed for questioning under Greek law. The reply given was that the “unjust” action had occurred on TV! In the future, I would hear many similar nonsense accusations that referred to the illegal action against me. The fellow who replied was uninformed. As Raikou and her superiors wanted me arrested immediately, they charged me with attempted dangerous bodily harm! At that moment, I felt like… Chuck Norris. Dangerous bodily harm, from a simple slap! The message was clear: the System demanded my arrest, so they could parade me with hand-cuffs in front of the cameras to break the spirit of our voters. The elite abused the legal system in order to play their dirty game, so I decided not to play along and delayed presenting myself for questioning until the last possible moment…

Korydallos Prison
Ilias Kasidiaris

PS. The real controversial comment I made did not have anything to do with Kanelli but with the corrupt powerbrokers of our Homeland. I quote from the dependable newspaper “Acropolis”

Golden Dawn’s press representative makes a statement whilst being transferred to his court hearing that sums up the essence of the reality of Greece in six seconds “The thieves are in the parliament and we are in prison! But we’ll see who has the last laugh at the elections, where Samaras and Venizelos are finished”

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  1. she deserved what she got, it was long over due the world has no place for communism.