Thursday, 18 September 2014

Why Washington needs terrorists jihadists

Obama’s recent statements on the “war against terror” echo the same arguments of former President George Bush Jnr, this time, to wage war against the Islamic State.  In the last 13 years, the United States has used Al Qaeda offshoots such as Al Nusra Front, and ISIS to destabilise countries and regimes unfriendly to the Zionists & Americans, the latest examples being Gaddafi’s Libya and Assad’s Syria.

Obama recently announced planned air strikes in Iraq & Syrian territories, supposedly against the Islamic State, supported by their Jihadist allies in Syria who are rivalling the newly formed caliphate in the Middle East. The US and its allies are also equipping the Kurdish Peshmerga (who are hostile to the Jihadist) with modern weapons, which will also most likely be used to help gain full independence of Iraqi Kurdistan from Baghdad.

Unlike the first wave of US air strikes in Iraq, attacks by the American air force on Syrian territories will not be coordinated with Damascus, though there is serious doubt if future strikes in Iraq will be coordinated with Baghdad, given their cooperation with Iran and Assad. Washington’s refusal to bomb Syrian territories with the consent of the legitimate government of Assad give us insight into their true aspirations- the “war against terror” is simply a smoke screen in order to neutralise the secular Nationalist state of Assad.

Assad's Syria is a long time enemy of the Zionists, and many will recall when Obama tried to rally the American people in a war against Syria, on the pretext of chemical weapons. This was a story that we heard before with President Bush, a story that ended with no weapons of mass destruction found following the 2nd invasion of Iraq. Unfortunately for Obama, the American people where not sold, and did not support the proposed war against Syria. Now the Zionists and Obama have found a new method of rallying the American people into a war against Syria… we need to go after the terrorist Islamic State! Just as Bush & Cheney tried desperately to link Saddam to the war against terror, the Obama administration is trying to use the war against terror as a pretext for their next invasion of the Middle East.

Assad has already blamed the United States for supporting Islamic terrorists in Syria against his legitimate secular government, and told the foreign minister of Russia that any attack on Syrian territory without the consent of Damascus will be considered an act of aggression against Syria. Assad has made it clear that he is willing to allow foreign intervention in the war against terror groups in Syria if other states are willing to work with and coordinate with Damascus, an offer the United States has refused. Obama would much rather bomb Syria without the permission or consent of Assad, as they are only concerned with provoking and destabilising the region. This explains why the United States still continues to supply the Islamic FSA in their war against Assad, and quoted "Assad remains the main enemy and the root of violence and destabilisation in the region”. The FSA are also the so called ‘moderate jihadist’ who Obama asked Congress recently to donate 500 million dollars towards their war against Assad. 

We saw how supplies sent by the Americans to the FSA turned up in the arms of the Islamic State who used them effectively in their war against Syria. Only one thing is certain, anyone who funds or arms Sunni Jihadists can expect those resources to end up in the hands of Al Qaeda and their offshoots. This doesn’t seem to bother the Americans much, as those resources are then used to destabilise their enemies in the Middle East, much to the liking of the Zionists. The Americans will even go as far as to cooperate with al Qaeda in places like Libya, and directly/indirectly fund and equip similar groups in Syria, which they have been doing since 2011.

The Americans & Zionists are trying desperately to dismember the Middle Easte into fractured smaller sectarian states, in accordance with the interest of Israel, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This furthers the agenda of the Zionists who have been trying for decades to break the alliance between Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and partially Iraq. The Russian foreign minister in response to these events has told Washington that air raids which target the Syrian Armed Forces will cause great tension in the Middle East and North Africa.

Combined with the tensions in Ukraine, this can only lead to further deteriorated relations between Russia and the United States.

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