Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Venizelos claims no jihadists in Greece – shocking interviews with Muslim radicals in Athens suggest otherwise!

Evangelos Venizelos, leader of the PASOK kleptocrat party which helped bankrupt Greece through mass corruption and scandals, made some outrageous claims regarding Muslim extremists in Greece.

Venizelos who also serves as foreign minister and vice president of Greece, made statements in September alleging there were no jihadists in Greece. Golden Dawn reported earlier that Athenian mosques where being used as recruiting centres for Jihadists in Greece, and now only days after Venizelos made his ludicrous statements, footage has become available with radical Muslims in Greece who are ready to wage jihad against their enemies.

The horrible reality of Greece’s current situation shows that the Islamic State has many supporters which have invaded the nation’s capital. These radical elements will be able to flourish in Greece, now that the corrupt government has introduced the ‘anti-racist’ bill to silence Greeks who may object to the Islamization of their country, along with state approved & funded Mosques which will further act as recruiting grounds for jihadists.

The footage shows extremists who are not only ready to wage jihad, but also to take part in beheadings for those they consider ‘enemies’ of Islam. It just goes to show how detached and distanced our corrupt political elite are from the ghettos and slums they have created in Athenian neighbourhoods. Perhaps if they stepped out of their rich, gated communities more often, they could see that everyday Greek Athenians are living amongst radical extremists. How long will it be until these extremists decide to launch attacks on Greeks, now that Greece is assisting the USA and Britain in their bombing of the Middle East, as well as ISIS calling for their supporters overseas to conduct terrorist attacks on westerners.

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