Thursday, 18 September 2014

Study reveals 1 in 3 Greek employees on 300 Euros a month

Shameless celebrations by the corrupt Greek government took place when Samaras had the nerve to declare the end of the worst part of the crisis, and a rise of the Greek economies global competitiveness.

The truth however, is far less encouraging, when it was revealed that unemployment reached over 27%, with youth unemployment a staggering 60%. Hardly the signs of an economy coming out of a crisis. For those that are lucky enough to be classified as ‘employed’, the figure doesn’t include those who are self-employed and struggling to make ends meet with little to no work available.

Looking further into those who are fortunate enough to be ‘employed’, an INE-GSEE study revealed that 1 in 3 workers in the private sector is paid 300 net Euros a month! These ‘employed’ workers are part of a ‘flexible’ work arrangement that essentially keeps them off the official unemployed figure.

The grim reality is that the economy is far from the worst of the crisis, and many Greeks are suffering the effects of a rotten system. Added to the thousands of suicides following the economic crisis, the Greek people will soon become tired of being told the crisis has come to an end when even the ‘privileged’ ones who are employed have a 1 in 3 chance of making 300 euros a month! The lies of the corrupt government are becoming more and more obvious, with more Greeks turning to the Nationalists for a return to the protection of their livelihoods and working rights.

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