Monday, 15 September 2014

Special Olympics 2014 - Golden Dawn MEPs help carry the flame

The sell-out media and corrupt establishment would have you believe that Golden Dawn has some kind of sinister & secretive plot against the disabled, yet has never been able to back up their claims with any shred of proof. Furthermore, Golden Dawn has continuously smashed their lies, offering support to all Greeks in need, including those with disabilities. Senior members of Golden Dawn have voiced their concerns for the treatment of handicapped citizens by the corrupt establishment, and can be seen standing in solidarity with a number of Greeks who have disabilities.

An important event took place earlier in the week at Luxembourg Square, outside the main entrance of the European Parliament. The flame of the Special Olympics had just arrived from Greece, accompanied by members of the Greek mission, including 2 Golden Dawn European Members of Parliament (MEPs).

To greet the MEPs (pictured above) were the President of Paralympic Committee of Belgium, Mr Piet Steel, President of the Council of Europe, Herman Van Rompuy, and what the media and corrupt Greek government would have you believe is…. two members of a criminal organisation, Golden Dawn MEPs Lambros Fountoulis and Giorgos Epitideios.

MEP Lambros Fountoulis himself, father of a child with Down Syndrome, was proud to represent his party at the event. Contrary to what one might expect from supposed ‘criminals’, the two MEPs where in sincere talks with the President of the Commission and in particular with the athletes themselves.

In the end, what remains is the huge effort these young athletes put into their training, and a question for our readers: who really has reason to fear the Golden Dawn? The answer is no one, except for those that had led our people into poverty and despair while living off the back of the Greek tax payer. Let’s not forget those who completely disregarded the constitution to fraudulently imprison our chief and members of our movement who fight only for the Greek people.

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