Monday, 15 September 2014

Sotiris Develekos - The beginning of the end of a conspiracy

It’s been almost a full year since the regime began its political persecution against the Golden Dawn.  I was honoured to be the subject of the first ‘anti-terrorist’ operation in the conspiracy against our movement. A political conspiracy without precedent and without shame. Armed men of the anti-terrorist squad took the streets under the command of the General Police directorate. According to ‘reliable information’ from the Counterterrorism and Intelligence Services, I was apparently the owner of a large quantity of arms and explosives.

So, based on this ‘reliable information’, the anti-terrorist squad raided 3 homes that were associated with me as well as my vehicle. After a thorough and intense search, the look of humiliation on their faces was obvious- the heavy weapons and explosives had been found…. 3 regular kitchen knives and 2 Easter fire crackers found in a rubbish bin. This was the supposed crucial evidence of a criminal organisation that could topple the regime.

The next day, in a mock trial, I was asked if I was proud to be a member of Golden Dawn. The grotesque punishment was announced, and I was sentenced to two a half years without parole! I don’t think words could describe the level of treason within some of our judicial bodies.

Within hours, the regime’s media completely distorted this event and celebrated the sentencing of a truly innocent man. Where are all the so called humanitarians and human rights activists when an injustice is made against a Golden Dawner? When someone spits in the face of corrupt power and false ideals, they become considered worthy of the death penalty.

In a few days, the appeal of my sentence will take place. During this time, we have gathered more conclusive evidence to prove my innocence. As for those who rushed to cheer on the regime’s strikes against the Golden Dawn, and those who threw mud on the Nationalist movement, let us be patient, because as time moves forward, the Golden Dawn will continue to rise. The sin of Hubris has been committed, and all that remains is to suffer the consequences of Nemesis.

In memory of those that have passed away, and those that are yet to be born

Sotiris Develekos - Member of Central Committee of People's Association Golden Dawn


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  1. lets hope he is released along with the others that are held in prison by the corrupt regime.