Saturday, 6 September 2014

Samaras is turning Athens into Islamabad, Golden Dawn fights to keep Greece Greek!

The traitorous Greek government under Samaras is working hard to destroy Greece by enabling and fast pacing the Islamization of our country. The Samaras Junta has given assurance to Turkish President Erdogan that the construction of a mosque in Athens is a state responsibility. Currently, Athens is the only capital in Western Europe to not have an official mosque, and Golden Dawn is the only major Greek political party committed to keeping it that way.

In addition to the construction of the new mosque (at the expense of Greek tax payers) the Athenian government has also promised repairs on 2 other former mosques so that they may be used by Muslims in Athens. In a previous article, we exposed how underground and make shift mosques in Athens became breeding grounds for Islamic extremism. These mosques recently radicalised a young Iraqi who left Greece to fight with Muslim terrorist organisations in the Middle East, raising further concerns about the threat of home grown Muslim extremism. One must then ask why the Greek government is in such a rush to establish Mosques in a land that has defended itself against Islamic aggression for well over 1,000 years.

In addition to the state funded mosque of Athens, the Greek parliament is working overtime to help pass the latest ‘anti-racist’ bill that is scheduled to be debated in parliament today. Under this bill, Greeks who question the need to turn their country into an Islamic Caliphate may end up in legal trouble if a Muslim finds those comments to be racially insulting. Under the proposed statute, if the comments are deemed to be ‘racist’, a court may be able to extend the residency of the ‘victim’ by up to 3-4 years if they are an illegal immigrant. The later will become somewhat redundant, as the bill is essentially the prelude to the legalisation of the hundreds and thousands of illegals (who are mostly Muslims) in Greece, courtesy of Mr Samaras. Perhaps the powers to be who are pushing for this bill should just come out and call it what it really is, an anti-Hellenic bill that silences the indigenous people of Greece with threats of prison while empowering and legitimising the 3rd world invaders who are colonising our nation.  

The effects of the bill have already proven to be disastrous, well before it was put forward to parliament. The announcement of the ‘anti-racist’ bill came in the same year that the Samaras junta began its political prosecution and unconstitutional imprisonment of Golden Dawn. Since the announcement of the ‘anti-racist bill’, and the persecution of Golden Dawn in 2013, official figures have recorded a 300% increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering Greece. Just imagine what will happen to Greece if the bill actually passes, and Golden Dawn is further punished for crimes that exist only in the imagination of the Samaras regime.

Golden Dawn announced this morning it will hold a protest against the ‘anti-racist’ bill in Thessaloniki, following the legal procedures needed to exercise our democratic rights to assemble. The Samaras junta, which is in a state of panic, was quick to prohibit the legal submission for Golden Dawn’s protest. Not only was Golden Dawn banned from protesting in Thessaloniki, but has given the green light for illegal immigrants to concentrate in the city centre!

The right to legally protest seems to be an exclusive privilege for the left to march hand in hand with the illegal invaders who they seem to love so much. Nationalists on the other hand, who come together to condemn the man responsible for the suicides of thousands of our compatriots, the degradation of our country and the enslavement of our people to the international moneylenders are denied their constitutional rights in what is a blatant political persecution against the nation’s 3rd largest party. The Golden Dawn reserves the right to peacefully protest against the anti-Hellenic bill, and despite the unconstitutional suppression of our right to assembly, the protest will take place!

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  1. With our low birthrate, greeks leaving the country and our aging population, this jihad recruitment centre doesnt belong in greece or europe.The Junta samaras and venizelos seems to have forgotten what our history is with muslims but lucky for us golden dawn will remind them of it.