Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Greek Australian Parliamentarian makes Provocative Statements against Golden Dawn

It was unreal! We saw it written. We read it. We read it again and we couldn’t believe our eyes: the Greek Australian parliamentarian from the Liberal Party - a former Victorian State Minister for Multiculturalism- Nicholas Kotsiras, asked the Federal Government of Australia to ban two Euro-parliamentarians Giorgios Epitidios and Eleftherios Sinadinos, from entering Australia after he was informed of their upcoming visit to the country.

Apart from the above anti-Hellenic statements, he didn’t have any hesitation in expressing his hatred towards the only Nationalist movement in Greece, the Golden Dawn. As if demanding that the Euro MP’s be banned from Australia wasn’t enough, he thought it was appropriate to state that “Golden Dawn’s existence embarrasses us”. Why is that?

He didn’t bother explaining on whose behalf he was speaking: who has given him the right? He didn’t explain why and how a former Minister for Multiculturalism can behave in such an uncultured manner towards elected members of the European Parliament. Almost all Greeks who live in Greece have the belief that Greeks abroad love Greece even more than we do: Probably because they miss it. As for Mr Kotsiras, we’ve read his past statements about Greece and how much he loves it. As proof of his love, he says that he visits regularly. We don’t doubt his love for Greece and we congratulate him for that.

However we have to ask Mr Kotsiras: Is the Greece you love separate from its people? Are the European MP’s of Golden Dawn something different from those from the other political parties? And let’s talk about the voters. In your opinion Mr Kotsiras, are some voters better than others in Greece and Australia? Are the voters who voted for the other parties in Greece (and for you in Australia) first class citizens and those who voted for Golden Dawn second - class citizens? If they are, then what is it that makes them so, what sets them apart in worth?

We think it’s necessary to inform you that your compatriots in Greece first voted for Golden Dawn in large numbers in the 2012 elections where they achieved the result of 18 parliamentarians. Up until then our votes were less than one percent, so it’s obvious that prior to 2012 these voters were not voting for Golden Dawn but for New Democracy, PASOK and the other parties in Greece. Does anyone disagree with this explanation? Of course not! So since today’s voters of Golden Dawn were voters of other parties not so long ago, how should we judge them according to your logic? Maybe back then they were “good” and “correct” voters but today they’re not? Maybe back then, you called them “democrats” but now you call them “fascists”?
If you agree, then would you have the courage to say it to their faces when you visit Greece, or do you only do so from the comfort of Australia? You know that in today’s Greece of poverty and hunger, some Greeks even though they’re hungry prefer not to “eat” yoghurt…

But returning to the topic of the Euro MP’s upcoming visit to Australia. Why, in your opinion, should the Australian government ban their entry into the country? Please have the courtesy to explain to us: have they committed some kind of crime against the Australian government? If they have, would you kindly tell us what it is? If there is no crime then you must apologise to the half a million voters of Golden Dawn for this anti-hellenic outburst which destabilises relations between the two nations and divides Greeks.

The inquirer, one of the 530 000 greek voters who in the recent Euro parliament elections voted for Golden Dawn and your compatriot, Nikolaos Skantzos

PS. 1. How would it feel to you Mr Kotsiras, if a Golden Dawn parliamentarian requested that the Greek Government ban your entry into the Greece that you love so much?

PS.2.  I recognise your stance and your behaviour perfectly well as Golden Dawn has seen these kind of publicity stunts before. Meaning: when someone feels that their name has lost its currency and they wish to gain some notoriety, they just come out and attack Greek nationalists and Golden Dawn. Suddenly, they’ve got a media and political presence again and also more importantly they’ve “proven” their credentials /loyalty to the powers that be.

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